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No More Forgiveness

GraVil are a melodic death/heavy metal band from the UK formed in 2006, releasing two E.P.'s and one album, along with 'Decommissioned', the first single off their second album due for release in 2017.    
Blending brutal thrash metal style riffs with death metal style vocals and punctuated with the vibe of traditional British heavy metal, GraVil are about to set the world alight with the release of their sophomore album. 'No More Forgiveness' blasts off in aggressive style with 'Detonate', blasting a hole a mile wide in the atmosphere with its brutal riffing and abrasive rhythms. The menacing and ferocious vocal style will scare many, the brutal riffing will hurt many more...the album lurches forward with the rampant and aggressive 'Are We Alive'. The answer is actually a resounding yes, head banging vigorously and ferociously punching the air. GraVil are a British band and do not forget their roots with 'I Am The Blood' echoing the buzzing guitar style from the evolutionary NWOBHM movement of the eighties. With so much aggression and attitude on show, the adrenaline levels rocket sky high as song after song the relentless and savage barrage continues.    
'Plagues, Thieves And Murderers' offers the listener a short breather with a mellow intro that slowly develops into a hard hitting, doom metal style stomp with a growled and very throaty rasp of a vocal delivery. Listen carefully and you can detect a Fear Factory influence tucked in there too. The aggressively titled 'Choke In Silence' nods its head towards the classic British heavy metal sound, with its relentless buzzing guitar sound and galloping rhythm. Get those neck muscles warmed up, head banging is gonna become violent. Pace increases tenfold with 'Locate The Traitor' a fast paced and savage thrash metal style assault. An in your face style vocal performance compliments the aggressive and attitude laden sound as 'Locate The Traitor' rattles on its way.    
'Fractured, Divided' slows the tempo right down, but increases the heaviness and introduces clean vocals too. Are GraVil mellowing here and striding towards ballad territory? Ha, Ha, just kidding, although honestly, some may reach for their lighters during 'Fractured, Divided' as all the hallmarks of a ballad are there. But no need to worry in which direction GraVil are heading as 'Decommissioned' hits hard with an uncompromising and aggressive kick in the nuts...the relentless storm of savage riffs and thunderous rhythms will put fans minds to rest that GraVil are not deserting their heavy metal roots. Pace increases with the blistering 'Forever Is A Prison'. Violent head banging will ensue with fists savagely punching the air in delight at a cracking song. Sadly, the album has to come to an end, but with one more furious onslaught in the shape of 'One Eyed King'. Be assured that GraVil are here to stay and with their blend of brutal and aggressive heavy metal, you are guaranteed an adrenalin rush. 'No More Forgiveness' is a cracking album that deserves worldwide recognition as a very good album of its genre.    
Overall, an aggressive heavy metal assault that will pound and pummel you with a savage barrage of rampant and relentless songs.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV    
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