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Thoughts Of A Rising Sun

GraVil are a melodic death/heavy metal band from the UK formed in 2006 releasing two E.P.'s, in 2008 and 2009, with their debut album, 'Thoughts Of A Rising Sun' released in 2013.    
A short acoustic intro opens the album, followed by a deep growled vocal scream that introduces the uncompromising and brutal barrage 'Structurally Unsound'. Ferocious riffs and aggressive vocals, 'Structurally Unsound' is a devastatingly heavy way to open an album. 'Enemy Within' mixes industrial with traditional heavy metal resulting in a mid tempo, heavy foot stomp that stabs at the listener with its furious foray of snappy, venomous vocals. Energy and intensity levels rocket as 'Beyond Reprieve' steams ahead with an opening brutal blast of thrash metal shredding, becoming a relentless, chugging rampage of ferocious time changes and growled vocals.    
Not forgetting their British roots, GraVil display all the traits of the traditional British heavy metal sound with the mighty 'The Wanderer', even to the point that there is some clean vocals tucked in there too. GraVil like their acoustic fuelled passages, either as intros or mid song breaks and 'Something Worth Chasing' doesn't disappoint as it begins slow and mellow before slamming the listener into the wall with its Pantera-like aggressive and in your face attitude. The two minute instrumental 'Interlude' leads into the title song, 'Thoughts Of A Rising Sun' with one of the best vocal performances on the album. Growling and gruff, the melodic death metal vocal delivery on the album is perfectly suited the abrasive and brash nature of the music. The guitar riff throughout 'Thoughts Of A Rising Sun' (the song) is as mesmeric as it is catchy and infectious and will keep your head banging for a long time to come.    
'The Struggle' rattles the senses as it relentlessly storms to an end in a furious flurry of thundering rhythms, that will have the mosh pit in a frenzied state excitement. 'Through The Eyes Of Spartans' is another classic British metal sounding song with an infectious and addictive guitar riff. The growling vocals continue to be aggressive and coupled with the brutality and occasionally raw sounding music, makes for an adrenalin packed, hard hitting punchy listen. 'Bottle Of Shadows' displays an Iron Maiden influence in its intro, before thundering off at a brutal mid tempo pace, pummelling and pounding the senses. Included as a bonus, the final song on the album is 'March Of The Titans', featuring former Cradle Of Filth guitarist James Mcllory. 'March Of The Titans' is an epic of frenetic and furious guitar riffing that will have you shaking with fear. The debut album from GraVil offers so much promise for a great future, and I for one cannot wait to see what hear what's next...    
Overall, brutal guitar riffs, growled vocals and a traditional British metal feel to it, proving to the world that British metal does have a future.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Stampede Press UK    
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