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Claiming Supremacy

Game Over are a thrash metal band from Italy formed in 2008 with their debut release, the 'Heavy Damage' E.P. emerging in 2009. Three full length albums followed in 2012, 2014 and 2016's 'Crimes Against Reality', with the six song E.P. 'Blessed Are The Heretics', released in 2017. 'Claiming Supremacy' is the bands fourth album and was also released in 2017.    
Hailing from a country more famous for pizza, pasta and opera, Game Over are back, hitting harder and delivering much more heavier thrash metal than ever. The new album opens with an atmospheric build up, courtesy of 'Onwards To Blackness', as it rises to a crescendo, launching into the rocket fuelled 'Two Steps In The Shadows'. Delivered at a blistering pace, Game Over signal their return to the fold in glorious style. Rampant and furious, 'Two Steps In The Shadows' will invoke violent head banging from fans all around the world. Best warm up those neck muscles, this is gonna be one helluva ride... Scorching guitars give life to the brutally fast paced 'Last Before The End'. Shredding hard, 'Last Before The End' is a glorious rampage of thrash metal, hitting the spot very hard. 'My Private Nightmare' is very heavy and hits harder than a swinging wrecking ball. Game Over have always been a very heavy thrash metal band, but in the shape of 'Claiming Supremacy', they have upped the intensity and are delivering their heaviest album to date.    
From their E.P. release earlier this year, 'Blessed Are The Heretics', thunders in and rampages on its way. Raucous and rampant, 'Blessed Are The Heretics' is six minutes plus of full on thrash metal, played with precision and power. Game Over are setting the world of thrash metal on fire with their passion and prowess, their latest offering placing them at the fore front of the thrash metal genre. Introducing a touch of the melodic, yep you heard right, melodic, 'Eleven' is a mid tempo romp. Very heavy, much more heavy metal than thrash metal, 'Eleven' is a slight departure from the Game Over signature sound, showing the band willing to push the boundaries of their chosen musical genre. The latter half of 'Eleven' however, does see a return to the out and out thrash metal assault that Game Over are best at. Hustling and bustling at a furious pace, 'Broken Trails' is a rampant and relentless romp of ruthless and unforgiving thrash metal. Ten songs over thirty eight minutes is a little light weight, but those ten songs offer so much, making the biggest of impacts, proving that Game Over are deserving of their place at the fore front of the world wide thrash metal scene.    
Allowing the listener a two minute breather from the fierce battering that 'Claiming Supremacy' is giving, 'Shattered Souls' is a mellow twang, as it idles on, leading up to the fierce fury 'Lysander'. Explosive and dynamic, 'Lysander' is a very heavy and hard hitting thrash metal romp. One of the fastest songs on the album, 'Lysander' is merciless as it speeds by. In closing the album, do Game Over announce a challenge to the rest of the thrash metal genre with the prophetically titled 'Show Me What You Got'. Maybe sublimely, but in the shape of 'Show Me What You Got', the album ends in a flurry of fierceness with such brutality that you may just end up with some bruising. A great end to a great album, Game Over are claiming supremacy in the world wide thrash metal genre.    
Overall, fast paced and furious thrash metal played at a scorching pace, heads with be banging hard from start to finish.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV    
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