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Crimes Against Reality

Game Over are a thrash metal band from Italy formed in 2008 with their debut release, the 'Heavy Damage' E.P. emerging in 2009. Two full length albums followed in 2012 and 2014 with their third album 'Crimes Against Reality' released in 2016.    
Italy are not too well known for producing thrash metal bands, it is power metal that normally emerges from there. Game Over are looking to change that trend and with their third album, they are definitely putting Italy on the international map. 'What Lies Within' is the opening instrumental that sets an atmospheric scene ready for a high intensity, high energy blast of thrash. '33 Park Street' explodes into life and is on the same playing field as Overkill, Heathen and Flotsam And Jetsam. Full on thrash metal that combines elements of the power, speed and traditional heavy metal genres. Duelling guitars and rampaging rhythms with clean and mild gravel edged vocals, Game Over are a fresh blast. 'Neon Maniacs' increases the pace and is a fierce, furious and frenetic romp. Scorching guitars that will decimate towns and cities, your head will be a furious blur as you head bang hard.    
A swaggering guitar intro breathes life into 'With All That Is Left' and the album takes a dramatic turn away from thrash metal into the, err, hard rock genre... 'With All That Is Left' does have its heavier moments as it swings from hard rock to power metal to heavy metal as it progresses to a conclusion. 'Astral Matter' is six minutes plus of swaggering heavy metal with guitars buzzing and chugging relentlessly. 'Fugue In D Minor' is a short blast of energy that leads into the bludgeoning 'Just A Little Victory'. Screaming guitars with a superb solo and 'Just A Little Victory', with its furious rhythm, is gonna bang heads wherever it is played.    
Pace and power blended together has 'Gates Of Ishtar' racing at top speed leaving only devastation in its wake. The album has meandered a little as it has progressed, crossing borders between genres, but thankfully 'Gates Of Ishtar' has returned the album to its thrash roots. The title song 'Crimes Against Reality' clocks in at over seven minutes and is an epic journey of out and out thrash metal combined with speed and power. The vocal delivery is venomous, the pace is relentless and 'Crimes Against Reality' is the best song on the album. Ending this blistering barrage of thrash is 'Fix Your Brain', a song that combines the crossover style of bands such as Suicidal Tendencies and Tankard with brutal thrash metal. 'Fix Your Brain' is a scorching finish and may be apt if you have been furiously head banging throughout the entire album.    
Overall, energetic and furious thrash metal setting a blistering pace similar to bands such as Overkill and Flotsam And Jetsam.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV    
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