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Emblas Saga

Brothers Of Metal are a heavy metal band from Sweden, formed in 2012, releasing their debut album 'Prophecy Of Ragnarok' in 2018. The bands sophomore album 'Emblas Saga', was released in 2020.    
Just two years after their incredible debut album, one of Sweden's new breed of heavy metallers Brothers Of Metal are back - bigger and better. Recent festival performances at Sweden Rock and Rockharz & Rock Am Stuck (in Germany) have propelled the band high into the limelight. With so much attention focused on the band from metal fans all around the world, anticipation is high for another adrenaline pumping release... And boy do they deliver, with 'Emblas Saga' (the album) landing jabs, uppercuts and hay makers with every song that passes by. The eight piece band with more than just the one singer, continue their Norse mythology theme from their debut, with 'Brood Of The Trickster' a spoken word intro, setting the lyrical theme for what is to follow... And the musical theme becomes one of fire and brimstone with every song a bombastic cacophony of cracking heavy metal leading to the albums climactic finale...    
...but right here, right now, the album gets underway with the pulsating 'Powersnake', bludgeoning riffs swaying a savage path, the multi vocal style swinging back and forth with ease - Brothers Of Metal are back! 'Hel' is a much heaver hitting anthem, landing in the epic metal genre. The opening two songs have been jabbing at the senses, but third song 'Chain Breaker' lands a knockout punch. The pace is breathless, the heavy hitting rhythm relentless, 'Chain Breaker' is a colossal swagger of fast paced heavy metal to get your head moving back and forth at an extreme rate. 'Kaunaz Dagaz' moves the album in a symphonic metal direction - for the first fifteen seconds anyway before 'Kaunaz Dagaz' explodes into life and hurtles on as only Brothers Of Metal can do. If heads weren't banging before they certainly will be now. Heavy power metal takes front and centre as 'Theft Of The Hammer' takes flight and soars high in the stratosphere, all thunderous and crushingly heavy. The album is slowly becoming a worthy successor to 'Prophecy Of Ragnarok' - after it took a couple of songs to find its stride. Slowing the pace and bringing forth symphonic style vocals, 'Weaver Of Fate' is majestic and choir like, overly angelic one might say. The atmosphere is highly charged with passion and emotion, 'Weaver Of Fate' a wonderfully mellow moment weaved into the albums heavy metal roots.    
First single released from the album 'Njord', is a heavy foot stomp, the throaty rasp of male vocals battling with the highly symphonic female vocals. 'Njord' shows the world just what Brothers Of Metal are all about - anthemic heavy metal to beat your chest to - all "hail Njord". Title song 'Emblas Saga' chimes in at over seven minutes in length, and is an epic! Highly atmospheric and tension filled 'Emblas Saga' follows the story telling format. Imagine a gathering around a camp fire in the middle of a forest late at night, and you'll get a sense of where Brothers Of Metal take you. And take you on a breathless journey they do, as the album powers on with the anthemic/symphonic meld 'Brothers Unite'. A majestic heavy hitter, 'Brothers Unite' is a rabble rousing call to arms anthem to march in to battle with. 'One' is a hymn like theatrical epic, worthy of receiving a standing ovation if it was performed at the Royal Swedish Opera, or even the Sydney Opera House. With only two songs remaining, we are just one away from the albums show stopping finale... But first, we get warmed up by the thunderous and fast paced 'Ride Of The Valkyrie'. Travelling at high velocity, 'Ride Of The Valkyrie' is a head bangers dream. Simply breath taking. And now comes the climactic finale - 'To The Skies And Beyond' is worthy of a command performance. The melodic heavy metal march is accompanied by an astounding vocal performance by Ylva Eriksson. Her voice soars high and would not be out of place in an operatic performance. The tone across the chorus lead in and break sends a chill down the spine. The aforementioned standing ovation (awarded to 'One') would happen again, this time a deafening crescendo of hand clapping and cheering as Brothers Of Metal take a bow. What a song 'To The Skies And Beyond' is, and what a glorious finale to the album.    
Overall, an hour of anthemic and emphatic heavy metal that rips through the airways with pulsating power, delivering a majestic and melodic performance.    
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