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Prophecy Of Ragnarok

Brothers Of Metal are a heavy metal band from Sweden, formed in 2012, releasing their debut album 'Prophecy Of Ragnarok' in 2018.    
And what an album 'Prophecy Of Ragnarok' is! Featuring eight band members, three vocalists and more anthemic anthems than Manowar, Sabataon and Powerwolf combined... Brothers Of Metal deliver some of the hardest hitting and catchiest melodic power metal I have heard for some time, with every one of the fourteen songs on offer an absolute belter. Yes, fourteen songs across a fifty one minute playtime, this is a cracking debut album and one that will attract the attention of power metal fans the world over.    
Lyrically, the album is heavily influenced by Norse mythology, and by the time you finish listening, you will be a Norse mythology expert... So get yourselves ready to learn, crank that volume up high and prepare for an unrelenting barrage of heavy power metal. The album explodes into life with the foot on the monitor style 'Death Of The God Of Light' running at full tilt. Chunky riffs and meaty rhythms combined with the three singers, 'Death Of The God Of Light' is a blistering opening. An opening that slows to the ground shaking, shattering mid tempo heavy stomp that is 'Son Of Odin'. Masters of the heavy mid tempo stomp Manowar would be impressed with this one. Majestic and anthemic, 'Son Of Odin' is superb. I guess you can call 'Prophecies Of Ragnarok' the albums title song, lifting the pace and rocketing on. Catchy and addictive, 'Prophecies Of Ragnarok' is a head bangers dream and is reminiscent of the late eighties power metal evolution. 'Defenders Of Valhalla' maintains the albums overall foot stamping, fist in the air stance, thundering at mid tempo, offering a slightly more melodic feel as it marches by. The spoken word 'Concerning Norns' is a suspense filled intro to the monumentally atmospheric 'Yggdrasil'. Goose bumps appear and tingles run up and down my spine as the vocals kick in. Fuck me man, what voices these singers have. The range, the soulfulness and the sheer power is amazing. 'Yggdrasil' is delivered at ballad pace and is a standout song.    
The heavy metal thunder makes an emphatic return as 'Tyr' steams in and marches on, stamping hard as it moves across the land. Dare to stand in its way and you will be crushed. 'Tyr' is big, chunky and very muscular. Without warning, the album turns full steam towards the speed metal genre with the blistering 'Siblings Of Metal'. The most sing a long able chorus break on offer, 'Siblings Of Metal' is gonna be chanted and screamed by fans everywhere. What a song, what an anthem. And talking of anthems, 'Gods Of War' takes anthems to a new level. "all hail Gods Of War" will be the new chant that Brothers Of Metal followers will be screaming. The answer to the age old question, Can this album get any better? is a definitive and very bold yes! 'Freya' is another atmospheric power ballad, with a stunning vocal performance. And just when you think the power banks are running short, 'The Mead Song' lifts the pace, increasing the power to a level way off the scale and bringing that fist in the air, foot on the monitor feel back to the album in emphatic style. Heavy and high velocity, 'Sleipnir' rumbles on at break neck speed and is the fastest song on offer, even making the Japanese bullet train appear slow. The pulse racing 'Fire, Blood & Steel' combines power and speed perfectly as it furiously pounds its way forward. Bringing a great album to a climactic close is the stunning 'We Believe In Metal'. As anthemic heavy metal goes, this is one of the best ever. Not just because it contains a reference to the Manowar "wimps and posers" statement, but the chorus man, oh what a chorus... "We Believe In Metal" is gonna become an all time great anthem.    
Overall, a stunning album, filled to the brim with adrenaline pumping anthems, Brothers Of Metal are gonna set the world alight with their debut.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV    
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