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Feast Upon The Helpless

Bray Road are a thrash/groove/heavy metal band from the USA, formed in 2011 by guitarist/vocalist Craig 'Nino' Nienas, with the bands debut album 'Feast Upon The Helpless' due for release in 2017.    
Atmospheric and tension mounting, 'Intro (Teratoid)' creates a mean and moody vibe to proceedings as the album gets underway proper with the hustle and bustle of 'Tortured'. Reminiscent of the mid to late eighties thrash sound of Metallica, Megadeth and Slayer, 'Tortured' is mid tempo paced with an aggressive in your face approach. Vocals are venomous, the rasping guitars cut and thrust with ferocity and Bray Road have announced their presence to a world wide audience. With an increase in energy and intensity, 'Pounded Into Dust' sets a blistering pace and is a head banger of the tallest order. Fierce and furious, 'Pounded Into Dust' is razor sharp thrash metal. The fierceness is kept up as 'The Beast' races into view and blazes a trail of destruction as it rockets by at high velocity. Aggressive and attitude laden vocals accompany the raucous rhythms as Bray Road continue to deliver a rampant thrash metal assault.    
Turning the album towards a much heavier vibe, hinting at a Slayer like brutality, 'Tranced' has a meaner and moodier feel, as it sways from high to mid tempo in an effortless breeze. Every song title on the album has aggression and attitude in it, 'Tortured', 'Pounded Into Dust' and the high paced, very quick 'Panic Attack'. Slaughtering the airways with force and brutality, 'Panic Attack' is a heavy slab of old school style thrash metal and is one of the best songs on the album. Get those neck muscles warmed up as violent head banging is the only order of the day...    
Razor sharp and pummelling, 'Baptized In Pain' is as savage as a chainsaw chopping down a tree. Brutal and raw exist in abundance as 'Baptized In Pain' crushes all that stands before it, as it savagely marches on. Just as heavy and as unforgiving as a juggernaut rolling by at top speed, 'Juggernaut' will pound and punish the senses with savage riffs and venomous vocals. Bray Road have so much aggression and attitude it is advisable to wear full riot gear when listening to this album. The pace and power of the album has been relentless, and all too soon the final song makes its appearance...'Shallow Grave' embodies the sound of iconic thrash metal pioneers Slayer in every way, including a superb Tom Araya sound alike vocal performance. I did actually have to search to make sure that 'Shallow Grave' wasn't a cover of a Slayer song, and it isn't...    
Overall, a superb blend of aggressive and in your face thrash metal that echoes the brutality of Slayer, the finesse of Metallica and the attitude of Megadeth.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Bray Road    
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