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Formation E.P.

Bray Road are a thrash/groove/heavy metal band from the USA, formed in 2011 by guitarist/vocalist Craig 'Nino' Nienas, with the bands debut album 'Feast Upon The Helpless' released in 2017. The six song E.P. 'Formation' was released in 2018.    
"are werewolves just a Hollywood creation, or do half man, half wolf creatures really exist" is just the beginning of the opening, thought provoking narrative that breathes life into the new release from American thrash metallers Bray Road. The history of the werewolf is very long, with many debates held over whether they actually exist, or are just a made up fantasy. I am not here to begin a debate, or provide evidence of existence, I am here solely to review the new release from Bray Road.    
With the E.P. cover depicting a rather aggressive looking caricature of a werewolf with blood and, what looks like, guts, dripping from its jaws, the concept of this release is werewolves. The spoken word narrative that opens the E.P. sets a sinister tone, breaking into 'Formation', rumbling into sight, shuddering and thundering its way through the undergrowth. Mid paced and very heavy, 'Formation' stamps very hard, with a spine chillingly, throaty growl of a vocal performance. 'Bloodgutter' is a song title that would grace any Cannibal Corpse album. Picking up pace and increasing the intensity, 'Bloodgutter' is a menacing romp of savagery, relentlessly cutting and thrusting its way forward.    
'Ties That Bind' keeps the menace level high, strutting its stuff majestically as it swaggers on by. Now halfway through the E.P. you'd be forgiven if you're feeling a little scared, and gripping a pillow tight for comfort. The menace and scare factor Bray Road have managed to inject into their delivery is remarkable, with listeners all around the world hiding behind sofas and shutting themselves in panic rooms. The pace gets even quicker as 'Ten Faced Human Waste' rolls into view like a steam roller... And like a steam roller, will mercilessly flatten anything, or anyone, that gets in its way. The E.P. is brought to a close with the aggressive, yet melodic, thrash metal stomper, 'State Of Execution'. Razor sharp guitars shred the airwaves to pieces, rounding off a devastating display of brutality, from a rising thrash metal band from Milwaukee in the USA, Bray Road.    
Overall, a menacing and quite scary twenty five minutes of pulsating thrash metal that will pulverise and pummel the senses into submission.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Bray Road    
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