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Under The Witching Cross

Bewitcher are a heavy/speed metal band from the USA formed in 2013, releasing a number of demos before their self titled debut album emerged in 2016. 'Too Fast For The Flames' 7" E.P. was released early in 2019, followed a couple of months later by the bands second album 'Under The Witching Cross'.    
Fast, furious and fierce, Bewitcher are a brutal avalanche of savagery, and for thirty minutes they lacerate everything that gets in their way. Hot on the heels of their two song 7" E.P. 'Too Fast For The Flames', comes the bands sophomore album, 'Under The Witching Cross', which explodes into life with the speed metal cacophony 'Savage Lands Of Satan'. Gruff vocals, thrashy rhythms and scorching pace push the opening salvo along at break neck speed. Bang your heads guys and gals, this is gonna be a fierce roller coaster of violence. 'Hexenkrieg' injects more pace, more savagery and more brutality than the opening song. Bewitcher have blended speed with thrash to create a barn storming and raucous aural assault.    
Thundering into life in a cloud of smoke and thunder, the title song 'Under The Witching Cross' is faster than the opening two songs, and is high velocity speed metal at its most vicious. Three songs in and the pace is unrelenting, breathless and jaw dropping, and shows no sign of letting up. 'Heathen Woman' is a thrash metal/speed metal mix of the fastest nature. Urgent and with an element of purpose, 'Heathen Woman' powers on at a breath taking pace, taking no prisoners as it flies on by. Blending traits of Motorhead, Slayer and Kreator, 'Too Fast For The Flames' is raucous and delivered at a head bangingly addictive pace.    
What an exhilarating and adrenalin pumping experience this album has been so far. Out and out speed blended with thrash metal nuances and the traditional sound of heavy metal, Bewitcher are a savage commodity, delivering a "blow the cobwebs away" journey of thrills. The intriguingly titled 'In The Sign Of The Goat', is the most hard rocking song on offer, displaying a more mid tempo and melodic nature than anything else on the album. But no need to worry, Bewitcher have not mellowed, bringing back the scorching pace of earlier, in full force, with 'Rome Is On Fire'. High velocity thrash mixed with out and out speed, 'Rome Is On Fire' is rampant, raucous and will devastate anything in its path. The album is brought to a close with the instrumental 'Frost Moon Ritual' displaying the bands musicianship to the full. A breathless album is over all too soon, but remember guys and gals, the replay button is only a press away...    
Overall, a fierce and furious rampage of savagery and brutality, Bewitcher deliver thirty minutes of breath taking speed, thrash and classic heavy metal.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV    
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