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Too Fast For The Flames 7" E.P.

Bewitcher are a heavy/speed metal band from the USA formed in 2013, releasing a number of demos before their self titled debut album emerged in 2016. The two song 7" E.P. 'Too Fast For The Flames' was released in 2019.    
Displaying phenomenal pace, Bewitcher deliver a super charged, highly energetic and raw rampage of blistering speed metal. Harsh, gruff vocals overlap the thrash metal tinged speed metal assault, yet a huge slice of melodic heavy metal shines through too.    
'Too Fast For The Flames' is raucous, infected with punk nuances, and delivered at a head bangingly addictive pace. Think the legendary Motorhead at their fastest, married with the mid eighties thrash exploits of Slayer and Kreator and a touch of the traditional heavy metal gallop... and there you have the sound of Bewitcher.    
Second song on offer is a cracking cover of 'Show No Mercy', by American heavy metal band W.A.S.P. 'Show No Mercy' appeared as the B side to the bands 1984 single 'Animal (Fuck Like A Beast)' and on the 1998 reissue of their 1984 self titled album. Bewitcher deliver their version at a faster pace than the original, and also much heavier too.    
Overall, a blistering double salvo of heavy hitting and explosive heavy metal guaranteed to viciously bang your head.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV    
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