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From Hell With Love

Beast In Black are a heavy metal band from Finland formed in 2015, releasing their debut album 'Berserker' in 2017 and their sophomore album 'From Hell With Love' in 2019.    
From the off, the new album from Beast In Black, continues the thunderous metal fury of their debut. 'Cry Out For A Hero' is energetically bombastic and a corker of an opening shot. Full of pace and power, 'Cry Out For A Hero' immediately hits the spot, heralding the return of one of Europe's most exciting, newest heavy metal bands. The title song 'From Hell With Love' is a heavy hitting melodic metal masterpiece. Full of thunderous swagger, 'From Hell With Love' will have feet stamping and fists punching the air in absolute delight, not to mention the hugely sing a long able chorus, "another voiceless cry, another helpless try, I wish you'd open your wings and take me inside, from hell with love I write, confess my passion crime, 'cause to my heart soul and mind you are Kryptonite". Stunning!    
Heavy hitting hard rock takes front and centre with the swaggering 'Sweet True Lies'. Full of bombast and chunky foot stomping rhythms, 'Sweet True Lies' is top notch heavy metal. Beast In Black are delivering anthemic, feel good, smile inducing heavy metal that is just superb. 'Repentless', and no not a Slayer cover, is a monstrous mid tempo slab of the best melodic heavy metal you may hear all year. 'Die By The Blade' borders the hard rock/heavy metal genres as it romps along. Foot stampingly addictive and one hundred percent infectious, 'Die By The Blade' is catchy and sing a long able, the type of songs that Beast In Black are excelling at. At the midway point, a chance for a breather from the albums intensity, as 'Oceandeep' glides in like a lazy Sunday afternoon stroll in the countryside. A soulful vocal performance by singer Yannis adds a huge amount of emotion to 'Oceandeep' and you'll find yourself involuntarily swaying from side to side.    
And then "BOOM", hard hitting heavy metal resumes with 'Unlimited Sin' beating a savage path through the airways. Catchy and infectious, a sing a long style chorus and everyone chanting "unlimited sin" at the tops of their voices. Sparkling stuff from a band firing on all cylinders. Increasing the thunder, 'True Believer' is a stunning heavy metal rampage. It's catchy, infectious, addictive, hell, it's the best fucking song on the album. The effect of 'True Believer' is phenomenal, it's made me turn the volume up for one, and for two, head bang harder than I have done all album so far. With this album, Beast In Black have easily proved why they are at the forefront of the European heavy metal scene, and there's still three songs to go! Another monstrous melodic march lunges forth with the hardest hitting song yet... 'This Is War' is an anthemic, pulse racing foray of fire and brimstone. Melodic heavy metal returns in the formidable shape of 'Heart Of Steel'. Just how many heavy metal anthems can Beast In Black come up with? Many many more, for many years to come is the hopeful answer. But until those days arrive, Beast In Black end their sophomore album with the fastest song on offer. 'No Surrender' strides head long into the speed metal genre as it furiously flies by, leaving scorch marks on the Earth as it rockets on by. A glorious end to a fantastic album, Beast In Black got all the ingredients measured correctly for this one.    
Overall, bombastic and energetic heavy metal, one hundred percent infectious and a bloody great listen, Beast In Black have served up a terrific treat.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV    
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