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Beast In Black are a heavy metal band from Finland formed by guitarist Anton Kabanen, following his departure from Finnish metallers Battle Beast in 2015. Beast In Black made their live debut opening for symphonic metal superstars Nightwish. 'Berserker' is the debut album from Beast In Black, and was released at the end of 2017.    
There are, understandably, many similarities between Beast In Black and Battle Beast, and I am only gonna mention them the once, and then move on and review 'Berserker' as the debut album by a new band. Similar band name, similar style logo and very much, a similar musical direction. There. Done and dusted. Moving on...    
The debut album by Finnish metallers Beast In Black explodes into life with the highly energetic and frenetic self titled song 'Beast In Black', with the bands singer Yannis Papadopoulos screaming "berserker" at the top of his lungs. Full on and in your face 'Beast In Black' is a blistering opener that is quickly followed by the almighty 'Blind And Frozen'. Displaying all the traits of the European style of power metal, 'Blind And Frozen' is catchy and highly infectious. A thundering rhythm and a sing a long style chorus makes for entertaining listening, and after only two songs, Beast In Black have thrust themselves to the forefront of the power metal genre. Settling down into a mid tempo pace, the more melodic side of Beast In Black rises to the surface with the pulsating 'Blood Of A Lion'. One hundred percent sing a long able, 'Blood Of A Lion' is a melodic gem and one of many highlights this album has to offer. 'Born Again' is a top notch foot stomper, high on intensity, and will keep your head vigorously nodding back and forth. Without warning, the album changes up a couple of gears and races off at high velocity. 'Zodd The Immortal' is a swashbuckling swagger of rampant riffs and rhythms, planting its feet firmly in the speed metal genre.    
At the halfway point, the albums intensity is breathless, with the energy levels off the scale. The heart begins to beat faster as the electrifying 'The Fifth Angel' comes to life in a furious flurry of frenetic riffs. Pounding and pulsating, 'The Fifth Angel' is one of the two standout songs on offer and is a breath taking heavy metal experience. 'Crazy, Mad, Insane' is a sing a long cracker, with a mild disco style flavour thrown in to the mix. Call it pop metal if you like, but 'Crazy, Mad, Insane' is not at all out of place, and is the catchiest of any song on the album, with the chorus one hundred percent sing a long able. Phew what a song... The hard hitting, heavy rocking 'Eternal Fire' is bold and brash, bringing back to the album, the melodic side of Beast In Black. Majestic and mighty, 'Eternal Fire' is a golden melodic nugget. 'End Of The World' is the second of the two standout songs on offer, and is actually the best song on offer. Delivered at a high pace, 'End Of The World' is a speed metal cacophony, displaying everything great about the European power metal genre. The catchy sing a long style chorus will have you screaming "the end of the world is coming" at the tops of your voices, annoying parents and neighbours as you try and reach the incredible vocal heights attained by singer Yannis. The album is brought to a close with the power ballad 'Ghost In The Rain', devoid of all bombast and power metal leanings, with a cracking, soulful vocal performance by Yannis.    
Overall, a thunderous and simply superb debut album, stacked to the rafters with power metal gems and delicacies to tingle your senses from start to finish.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV    
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