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Unholy Savior

Battle Beast are a female fronted heavy metal band from Finland formed in 2008 who released their debut album in 2011. A change of lead singer occurred in 2012 and their second, self titled album 'Battle Beast', was released in 2013. The bands third album 'Unholy Savior' was released in 2015.    
The new album from Battle Beast contains more melodic hard rock than ever, however, the trademark bombastic power metal style is still evident as the opener 'Lionheart' ably demonstrates. Full of pace, 'Lionheart' gallops at top speed, with infectious rhythms and a chorus that just begs to be sung. The lead singer stretches her vocal talents, the guitars are rhythmic and the solos clear. An impressive start that continues with the majestic title song 'Unholy Savior'. Heavy melodic hard rock, a chugging rhythm and an insatiable desire to foot tap and head nod, 'Unholy Savior' will delight the masses of heavy metal and hard rock fans the world over. Buzzing guitars and a nod back to the heyday of the NWOBHM, 'I Want The World...And Everything In It' bristles with energy and a pulsating rhythm that will infect you. The album takes a heavier turn as 'Madness' rattles into life and chugs away endlessly with a very much in your face attitude. Battle Beast are proving themselves to be very good at delivering punchy, infectious and catchy hard and heavy rock songs.    
With a dramatic slowing of the blistering pace, 'Sea Of Dreams' slides in and gently rumbles along. Time for those lighters to be raised aloft, as soulful, near symphonic vocals occupy the airways. A departure from the signature sound of Battle Beast, but one that shows the maturity of the band and a willingness to be more than just a heavy power metal band. Nothing wrong with heavy power metal, as 'Speed And Danger' demonstrates. Placing both feet firmly and squarely into the speed metal genre 'Speed And Danger' sets a blistering pace as it scorches a trail through the airways. A head bangers dream of a song, the pulsating pace will flex your neck muscles hard. A definite highlight on the album, as is the Judas Priest influenced 'Touch In The Night'. Hard hitting and punchy, it is a melodic hard rock romp. 'Touch In The Night' is majestic and anthemic with a sing a long style chorus. Pace suddenly disappears again as the acoustic fuelled 'The Black Swordsman' struts its stuff with a soaring vocal performance. Only just over a minute in length 'The Black Swordsman' acts as an intro for 'Hero's Quest', an instrumental that is both punchy and bombastic.    
'Far Far Away' is a big riffing rock song that is full of energy and intensity. With a guitar chug that is simply awesome and a vocal delivery that is probably the best on the album. 'Far Far Away' is an anthemic style song with a cracking rabble rouser of a chorus that will be sung, no, chanted by the audience in a live arena. Bringing the album to a close is 'Angel Cry' another acoustic fuelled ballad with a soaring symphonic vocal delivery. The flexibility shown by the band across their new album is wide ranging and also shows a band that are confident in their own ability and willing to experiment and stretch their abilities to prove that they intend to be around for a long time.    
Overall, hard hitting and punchy melodic heavy metal from a band that are on the rise and on the verge of making a huge impact in the world of heavy metal.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV    
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