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Battle Beast

Battle Beast are a female fronted heavy metal band from Finland formed in 2008 who released their debut album in 2011. A change of lead singer occurred in 2012 and their second, self titled, album was released in 2013.    
Having already set the world alight with their debut effort, displaying a powerful, forceful brand of heavy power metal with soaring vocals, Battle Beast could have fallen apart after the departure of original singer after the release of their first album. But oh no, such is the passion of the band, a new singer was recruited and their second album released within a year. And what an album... 'Let It Roar' is a superb slab of power metal that hits hard, very hard and showcases the immense vocal range of the new singer. Battle Beast are stronger now than they have ever been and 'Out Of Control' rocks hard, similar in style to the melodic heavy power metal that UK legends Judas Priest play. Pace is slowed a little as 'Out On The Streets' strides in and then settles into a big riffing, foot stomping song that just begs for the chorus to be chanted. 'Necromancer' continues the melodic power metal assault, hitting hard and strong. The vocal range of the new singer is amazing and is well suited to this style of music.    
With a sudden turn of speed 'Raven' is a blistering, guitar driven rampage of galloping rhythms and thunderous drums. One of the fastest songs on the album, it is superbly accompanied by a wide ranging vocal delivery. The complete opposite can be said about 'Into The Heart Of Danger;, the nearest this album gets to a ballad. There is just too much power and bombast that the song demands, no, commands to be foot stomped to. Pace returns with 'Machine Revolution' cutting a path of destruction through the airways. Hard edged and hard hitting 'Machine Revolution' is pure power metal to excite and please the listener. A wandering two minute instrumental acts as an atmospheric crescendo building intro to the bombastic 'Kingdom'. As hard as granite, 'Kingdom' is a powerful song, with powerful vocals and stands up tall among some of the great songs from the power metal genre. The Judas Priest influence can be heard once again as 'Over The Top' chugs and chugs relentlessly on showing no mercy. Guitars buzz as 'Over The Top' strides on majestically and i can't help but think that if there was ever a female version of Rob Halford (legendary singer for Judas Priest), here she is.    
And if confirmation of that statement was ever needed, just take a listen to the scream that introduces 'Fight, Kill, Die'. You see what i mean? 'Fight, Kill, Die' would not be out of place on a Judas Priest album, with the blistering guitar attack and galloping rhythms pushing the song along at a high pace. By far and away the best song on the album has to be 'Black Ninja'. The song has everything: atmosphere, tension, aggression and a superb, faultless vocal delivery. Never before have i heard such a wide ranging vocal style, not just on 'Black Ninja', but across the entire album. 'Rain Man' brings the album to a close in a blaze of guitars and screaming vocals, hard hitting and thunderous rhythms and an insane desire to head bang and foot stomp frantically.    
Overall, an excellent array of powerful power metal that is exciting and will exhilarate metal fans everywhere. Look out for Battle Beast, they are gonna be big.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
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