Apocalypse Moon

The Order Of Chaos are a female fronted heavy metal band from Canada formed in 2003, releasing their debut album in 2009. Their follow up arrived in 2011 with a two song E.P. released the following year. The bands third album, 'Apocalypse Moon' was released in 2015.    
From the same country that gave the world Anvil, Exciter and Annihilator comes another thrash inspired heavy metal band, The Order Of Chaos. Fronted by the superb vocal talents of Amanda Kiernan, The Order Of Chaos open their new album in thunderous style with the urgent 'The Anthem Of Pain'. Full of pace and passion, 'The Anthem Of Pain' is a blistering blast of very heavy, accessible thrash metal. With guitars that chug and chop viciously, the album storms on with 'Death After Life'. Powering along at high velocity, 'Death After Life' is aggressive and abrasive and will have the mosh pit in a frenzy. The vocal range of the bands singer Amanda is phenomenal, with throaty growls, raspy rants and aggressive screeching and screaming.  'Indoctrination' is a scorching storm of savagery that is brutal and in your face with attitude oozing from everywhere. The opening triple salvo has set a terrific tone for the rest of the album...I just hope it lives up to the expectations!    
And believe when I say it does, and it does it ten times better too... A short mellow guitar intro breathes life into the brutal guitar riffing of the high velocity 'Downfall'. Rocketing like a jet fighter off to war, 'Downfall' is fast and furious with an aggressiveness second to none. The sheer pace and power of the album is simply breath taking, with an adrenalin rush as each new song takes off. 'Evil Surrounds Me' is a pulsating and pummelling thrash metal assault, 'Survival Of The Richest' is a traditional heavy metal influenced romp with the distinctive sound of the NWOBHM guitar buzz clear for all to hear and the title song 'Apocalypse Moon' is a blazing storm of savage guitar riffs and aggressive vocals. The Order Of Chaos are continuing to live the legacy that their (aforementioned) countrymen Anvil, Exciter and Annihilator started all those years ago.    
In your face and attitude laden, 'The Venom' is a pocket rocket of thrash. Guitars sizzle, rhythms fizz and the growly vocals literally add venom to the song. The two songs that appear on the bands 2012 E.P. 'Sexwitch', get an airing here. 'Sexwitch' (the song) is an up tempo, highly energetic romp of furiousness and ferocity while 'Victim Of Circumstance' is a bustling and aggressive romp of speed, guaranteed to get you head banging...and if you're not, then you're probably dead! 'Deceiver' is blunt and to the point and is the most heavy metal song on the album, and dare I say it, but there is a mild melodic influence in there too if you listen close enough. After nearly fifty minutes of pulsating and powerful thrash metal, the final song on the album is brought to life with an exquisite keyboard passage followed by some of the most aggressive and brutal guitar riffs ever heard. 'The Devil That You Know' is actually less thrash and more power metal, yet retains the aggressive nature that has been a theme throughout the entire album, an album that will have the listener hooked from start to finish. With no let up in pace, 'Apocalypse Moon' is a breath taking album.    
Overall, fast and furious thrash metal delivered at pace with a phenomenal vocal performance, blistering guitars and savage rhythms that beg to be head banged to.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Killer Metal Records