Private Hell

Science Of Disorder are a death metal band from Switzerland, originally formed in 1989 under the name Soulless, releasing two albums, in 1998 and 2002. The band changed their name, and style, in 2011 to become Science Of Disorder, releasing 'Heart, Blood And Tears...' as their debut album. The bands second album 'Private Hell' was released in 2018.    
Under the name Soulless, the bands first album emerged as gothic metal, moving towards death metal for their second album. Changing their name to Science Of Disorder, the bands third album, actually seen as a debut album, incorporated elements of metalcore into their armoury, delivering a much more brutal and in your face sound than ever. For their sophomore album, 'Private Hell' offers a rough, tough and aggressive journey, full of attitude and angst. Over the years Science Of Disorder have toured relentlessly, sharing a stage with bands such as Dying Fetus, Sadus and Necrophagist, performed as opening act for Samael and Megadeth, and have also toured with Entombed.    
Ten songs across a brutal forty five minutes gets underway with the aggressive metalcore tinged 'Carrions', featuring a pulsating and pulverising rhythm that smacks you around the head, hard, very hard. A growled and throaty vocal delivery adds weight to the songs aggressiveness. The album is dark and menacing, incorporating elements of the thrash and doom metal genres as it trundles along. 'Kingdom Comes' features a clearer vocal style, yet still remains as brutal and aggressive as the opening salvo. The vocal range of the bands singer is immense and used to the full. The doom metal genre is lightly touched upon as the moody and dark 'Lava Girl' strolls by, 'Patient 18' increasing the intensity and pounding on like a jack hammer smashing through concrete. The force emanating from this album is strong enough to demolish walls and flatten buildings. With a sudden up turn in pace, 'Choke' speeds through the thrash metal genre at high velocity. A furious flurry, 'Choke' is gonna invoke head banging of the most violent and neck breaking nature.    
Just like canon fire, Science Of Disorder are loud and destructive, their music pounding heavily, as it marches on mercilessly. 'Light Bearer' is mid tempo heaviness at its most heavy, a brutal foot stomp of menace and intimidation. By 'Light Bearer's end you will be cowering in fear, such is the songs terrifying effect. Pace, speed and raw aggression all combine perfectly as 'Half A Life' steps up a few gears and thunders on at high velocity. Violent, neck breaking head banging will follow 'Half A Life', just like night follows day! The thrash metal genre is fully stepped into as 'Sickness' furiously romps along. One of the best songs on the album 'Sickness' will appeal equally to fans of both the death and thrash metal genres. Blending the styles of bands such as Pantera, Anthrax and Megadeth, 'Mine' is not backwards in coming forwards with high levels of antagonistic attitude and aggression. Throughout the album Science Of Disorder have maintained a sinister vibe, striding close to inducing a feeling of fear among some listeners. Bringing the album to a close is the title song 'Private Hell', a sub three minute instrumental "ballad" like meander, although when I say "ballad" like, keep your lighters tucked away as it isn't that kind of "ballad"'s more like a mellow wander, just dipping a toe into the death metal genre.    
Overall, a thundering and aggression fuelled romp of merciless death/thrash metal, oozing fear, menace and terror from every song.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Fastball Music