Violence Of The Skies

Primitai are a melodic metal band from the UK formed in 2003, releasing their 'Buried Alive' E.P. in 2005. The bands first full length album 'Through The Gates Of Hell', was released in 2007, followed by their sophomore album, 'Line Of Fire' in 2010. Over the next ten years, the band released three more albums - 'Rise Again' (2013), 'Night Brings Insanity' (2016), and 'The Calling' (2018). The bands sixth album 'Violence Of The Skies' was released in 2021.    
The new album features a mammoth twelve songs across an incredible sixty five minutes, and is a space themed journey - with stories about escaping the end of the world, seeking new victories, and facing unknown dangers. The twelve songs offer a varied musical journey, ranging from long epics to short heavy hitters, and venturing into the realms of progressive metal, complimenting the bands melodic metal roots. Bringing the journey to life is the eerie and crescendo building opening of 'Stars Are My Guide', breaking out into a galloping fury of heavy metal. The driving rhythm is classic traditional heavy metal in the vein of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. Blasting out of the blocks, 'The Uprising' starts with a fast and furious tirade, that settles down to just a furious tirade - Primitai showing a touch of aggression across the opening two songs. Title song 'The Violence Of The Skies' brings the bands melodic metal roots to the fore, sending shockwaves around the world with its highly bombastic nature. Very catchy, very infectious, and very sing a long able, 'The Violence Of The Skies' is a corker. The album features two seven minutes plus offerings - the first, 'Valley Of Darkness', is highly atmospheric as it begins, fairly eerie too. And then the vocals start, and Primitai's natural melodic roots begin to shine, with 'Valley Of Darkness' swinging between melodic and progressive metal. Throwing in a couple of passages with blistering speed, the band stretch their musical horizons far and wide.    
Primitai let the pace go absolutely wild with 'Warriors Of Time', a scorching romp of all out balls out heavy metal. With its very British feel, 'Warriors Of Time' is traditional heavy metal to wreck your neck to - the driving rhythm will keep your head banging from start to finish. Taking a turn into progressive metal territory once more, 'Innocent' hammers the listener with jack hammer style riffing. 'Innocent' also has touches of the epic, especially across the chorus break. Halfway through the album and the intensity hasn't dropped - every song in your face and bristling with energy. The album also features two special guests. The first is Saxon guitarist Paul Quinn, contributing a solo on 'Put To The Sword' - a swashbuckling romp of thunderous heavy metal. There is also a touch of the anthemic style too, and I reckon this could become a live favourite with its highly sing a long able chorus, and the chanting "whoa-oh". A mellow build up that becomes a thunderous intro, signals that 'The Cold Surface Of The Moon' is upon us. More progressive metal graces the album, with Primitai showing their prowess at effortlessly integrating different styles of metal with their melodic roots.    
Heavy hitting and full of hustle and bustle, 'I'll Live Again' displays a hint of menace as it powers forward, yet loses nothing of the albums overall infectious nature. The progressive leanings of the band does show its hand during 'I'll Live Again', but again the band are so adept at blending the differing styles it's a seamless transition. 'The Storm Kings' features the albums second special guest - the bands former guitarist, and current Pounder guitarist, Tom Draper. 'The Storm Kings' is a very heavy stomp, with a spitting venom tinged vocal delivery - the band again not afraid to mix things up and go in different musical directions. The album suddenly explodes into life with the blistering pace of 'The Huntress'. The fastest song on the album by a long shot, the band are red hot as 'The Huntress' stretches its legs and gallops on with both feet firmly planted on the monitor. Closing the album is the seven and half minute long epic 'Prophecies', displaying all the hallmarks of progressive metal, alongside all the trademarks of the bands signature sound. 'Prophecies' blend slow and fast, heavy and light, hard and soft, in a journey that features minimal vocals.    
Overall, a thundering album of heavy hitting yet melodic metal with progressive leanings, Primitai take the listener on an adventurous journey.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV    
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