The Calling

Primitai are a melodic metal band from the UK formed in 2003, releasing their 'Buried Alive' E.P. in 2005. The bands first full length album 'Through The Gates Of Hell', was released in 2007, with their sophomore album, 2010's 'Line Of Fire'. 'Rise Again' was released in 2013, quickly followed by their fourth album, 'Night Brings Insanity' in 2016. The bands fifth album 'The Calling' was released in 2018.    
'Possess Me' is a one minute, crescendo building, atmospheric intro that pulls you in to the new album, which gets underway proper with the hard hitting and bombastic 'Demons Inside', flourishing with raucous rhythms and a memorable melodic hook. The band describe themselves as melodic metal, yet after a few listens I would place Primitai in the melodic progressive metal genre, lining them up alongside a band such as Symphony X. First single off the album 'Overdrive' is highly energetic and wrapped up with enough NWOBHM traits to keep fans of the traditional sound of heavy metal very happy. 'Overdrive' is the fastest song on offer, which you can actually bang your head to, rather than just vigorously nod to it. Add a catchy sing a long style chorus and you have an immediate likeable song. Through the course of the albums fifty three minutes, the listener is taken on a journey through the epic, melodic and hard rock genres, with 'Curse Of Olympus' delivering the bands signature sound of hard hitting melodic metal.    
The energy and intensity levels are kept high throughout the album, as 'No Survivors' explodes into life and sets off on a mid tempo march of thunder. In your face attitude is coupled with a ballsy hard rock edge, to keep 'No Survivors' bustling on. Injecting a power ballad feel, 'Memories Lost' opens like it should have you reaching for your lighters but, keep them away, this album is a ballad free zone. 'Memories Lost' takes on the stance of majestic mid tempo, foot stomping hard rock. Apart from the opening intro, all songs on the album clock in at over five minutes in length, with three stretching past the six minute mark. The title song 'The Calling' echoes my sentiment of the comparison with Symphony X; a meandering journey of epic, mid tempo, pace changing melodic, progressive metal.    
A modern day melodic metal album normally has a ballad contained within, but am glad to say that this album does not have any ballads on offer. 'Into The Light' opens with a tense, arm hair raising atmospheric feel, before stretching its legs and striding on with a punchy attitude. More aggressive than any other song on the album, 'Into The Light' is a high tempo, highly energetic romp. 'Into The Dark' is the most hard rock offering from Primitai, and is a memorable and catchy journey. The band are able to swing from metal to rock and back again with so much ease, the joins are seamless. 'Tempest Returns' brings the album to a glorious end. The most catchiest of all the songs on offer, 'Tempest Returns' is memorable for all the right reasons and is a cracking end to a good album.    
Overall, a catchy and memorable journey of melodic progressive metal, dipping toes into the hard rock genre along the way.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV    
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