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Metaprism are a dual fronted heavy metal band from the UK formed in 2012 releasing both their debut single and debut album in 2015.    
When i first heard Metaprism by way of their single 'Reload' it was an insane combination of way different vocal styles that was very unique and unusual. It was an interesting listen, the soaring, near operatic power of Theresa Smith and the aggressive snarl of Jut Tabor. A heavy metal Beauty and the Beast, you could say... Would the dual fronted style work for an entire album? Or would it be too much hard work for the listener?    
For me, it does work...the songs deliver the vocals differently, some are duet-ish in nature while others have Jut as the lead with Theresa as support and Theresa as lead with Jut as support. And it is for this reason that the album works and is a pleasure to listen to. From the quirky, metallic, industrial sounding intro, the album is dramatically kicked off with the ferocious 'Firesoul'. Duet in vocal style, the music is heavy, the guitars chug relentlessly and your head will be banging hard. 'Erase Mortality' heavies things up with Theresa leading the vocals in a superbly powerful performance. Although a very heavy song, 'Erase Mortality' does have some cracking melodic moments hidden in there too .'Resistance' is a solid, heavy yet melodic song that just ambles and strolls majestically wherever it wants. Not caring for what or who it tramples 'Resistance' is a bull dozer of a song.    
With the twin guitars chugging relentlessly, a backline that is solid and thunderous, 'Reload' has enough melodic presence that it suits both vocal styles perfectly. 'Needles Of Light And Shame' is led by Theresa and is one of the better songs on the album. A foot stomper of the tallest order. It is catchy with some great guitar hooks and a brilliant screaming guitar solo. Heavy and powerfully melodic, 'Nebula' storms in and is just magnificent as it romps along at a mid tempo pace, with a catchy chorus that will have the mosh pit singing along to. The heaviness returns in true wall crumbling style with the aggressive vocal snarl of Jut with superb support from Theresa as 'Pulse' pounds and pummels the senses.    
'Here I Stand' slows the tempo yet the thunderous back line is all too evident. Also, there is a surprising twist with the vocals, and no, I am not gonna spill the will have to listen for yourselves. 'Here i Stand' has a very melodic hard rock feel to it, but the buzz of the guitars and dual vocals remind us that this is still Metaprism. Another duet style song, 'Only The Lost' chugs and chugs endlessly to give the mosh pit something to mosh about. Stomping and stamping its way through some brutal riffing, both style vocals stab at you with a venomous delivery. 'Deceive The Afterlife' is mid tempo, heavy and relentless. Metaprism are all about aggression, heaviness and pounding, throbbing rhythms. With the beautiful Theresa delivering (at times) operatic vocals that (occasionally) soar, yet are powerful too and the aggressive Jut delivering menacing and snarling vocals, Metaprism are unique in what they do and what they sound like. The album comes to a close with the up tempo, melodic hard rock 'Arcadia'. With spitting, venomous vocals, the chorus is catchy and sing-able and is a cracking end to an album of brutal, aggressive and very heavy, heavy metal.    
Overall, heavy, chugging guitars supported by two very different vocal styles make this an interesting and intriguing album of varied songs.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For ENSO Music Management    
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