On Thin Ice

Lizzies are a heavy metal band from Spain formed in 2010 releasing an E.P. in 2013 and their debut album 'Good Luck' in 2016. Following a line up change, Lizzies are no longer an all female band, now performing with a male drummer. Autumn 2018 will see the release of the bands second album 'On Thin Ice'.    
The new album from Spanish metallers Lizzies features eleven songs across just forty minutes, with every song a hard hitting nugget of early eighties sounding NWOBHM. The opening salvo 'Like An Animal', rocks hard and is an infectious opener. I was fortunate to have reviewed the bands debut album, and in that review I compared Lizzies to UK NWOBHM bands Girlschool and Rock Goddess. That comparison still holds ground, albeit Lizzies are a Spanish version. 'No Law City' picks up the pace and gallops along, "foot on the monitor" style with a buzzing guitar sound an echo of the classic NWOBHM sound. Fans of the early eighties evolution of British heavy metal will lap this album up, and then be in for a big shock when they realise that the band are not actually British! There's no let up in pace as the album rumbles on with 'I'm Paranoid', displaying a more Saxon style thunder stomp. Heavy hitting and infectious 'I'm Paranoid' will head straight for the hearts of fans who adore the traditional heavy metal stomp.    
The album marches on with the highly melodic 'Playing With Death', displaying an old school style feel that early eighties NWOBHM bands would be proud of. Speaking from the view point of some one who was fortunate to have grown up during the worldwide heavy metal explosion throughout the eighties, 'On Thin Ice' (the album) smacks of that era, and is a wonderful trip down memory lane. 'Real Fighter' picks up the energy and tempo and swaggers on proudly. A foot tapping, head nodding, addictive rhythm pushes 'Real Fighter' along at a pleasant pace and the chant style chorus is infectious and will have fans chanting "real fighter" at the tops of their voices. 'Talk Shit And Get Hit' is fast paced, punk-ish and very much Girlschool-esque as it romps along like a champion race horse. Very infectious, with a sing a long style chorus, 'Talk Shit And Get Hit' is one of the best songs on offer. 'Final Sentence' slows the pace of the album to almost ballad, but only for the opening minute, before the traditional, bustling, high tempo and lively heavy metal style returns.    
Lively and up tempo, 'Rosa Maria' is full of energy and bombast as it flies along at pace, inciting vigorous head banging wherever it is heard. The guitar led 'World Eyes On Me' chills the bones as it hauntingly creeps in, building to a crescendo and launching forth with a majestic march. A lot like the majestic march that many of the songs of mid to late eighties British icons Iron Maiden had. This album has to be a "must add" to the collection of any NWOBHM fan! Every song has the smell, the taste and the feel of the NWOBHM sound. The mid tempo swagger of 'Love Is Hard' hustles and bustles with energy as it foot stomps on its way past. Lizzies have proven themselves adept at both the high and mid paced style of heavy metal and across forty minutes have proved they are a band that's here to stay. The album is brought to a close in a furious flurry of raucous riffs courtesy of 'The Crown'. The final hurrah of the album brings to the fore the (constant) comparison with British stalwarts Girlschool. Whether this will be seen as a good thing or as something that Lizzies will never be able to shake off, only time will give us the answer. But for now, stand up, turn the volume up and revel in the blast of NWOBHM that is 'On Thin Ice'.    
Overall, an album packed with traditional heavy metal songs that owe so much to the iconic sound of the NWOBHM genre.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV    
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