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Lizzies are a heavy metal band from Spain formed in 2010 releasing an E.P. in 2013 and their first full length album in 2016.    
An all female heavy metal band will, understandably, always be compared to UK legends Girlschool and Rock Goddess, especially when their sound hints heavily at NWOBHM. Opening riffs for the opening song 'Phoenix' have all the trademarks of the traditional heavy metal sound and would not be out of place at any point in the eighties. 'Phoenix' is catchy and head bangingly addictive and will appeal to fans of both heavy metal and hard rock. '666 Miles' does take on more heavy rock vibe with buzzing guitars and a galloping rhythm. Vocals are clean and clear, although the Spanish accent does affect a few words. Are Lizzies a retro band? Their sound is so steeped in the eighties sound that they could be, but nope, all album material is new. 'Viper' is a classic NWOBHM sounding romp that embodies everything that heavy metal stood for during the eighties as it was evolving.    
At a slower pace 'Mirror Maze' is a cracking hard rock song. I know i mentioned the Girlschool and Rock Goddess comparison but there is also an Iron Maiden and Judas Priest comparison to be made here too. The buzzing guitars, the galloping rhythms and the addictive chorus lines, all trademarks of the iconic NWOBHM sound. 'Night In Tokyo' rumbles in on a low key intro, becoming a chugging, buzzing slab of hard rock that will have your feet stomping and head nodding in appreciation. With a rawer, punkish feel, 'Speed On The Road' is a quick paced song that evokes a mild Motorhead influence. 'Speed On The Road' also has one of the best guitar solos on the album.    
With all these comparisons to the eighties heyday of heavy metal evolution, you may get to thinking that this band have been around for a long tome and you have heard them before, but nope, Lizzies only formed in 2010. 'One Night Woman' continues the punkish influence but also introduces an element of sleaze rock too. Mid tempo and chugging endlessly 'Russian Roulette' is a foot stompingly hard rock song. Bringing the album to a close is '8 Ball', with buzzing guitars and that oh so familiar galloping rhythm. With not too much diversity on the album, this will intensely appeal to fans of the NWOBHM sound, but may not appeal to those fans that look to bands such as Iron Maiden and Judas Priest who do diversify throughout their albums. Either way, this is a good album of traditional sounding heavy metal that will keep you head banging from start to finish.    
Overall, NWOBHM sounding heavy metal and hard rock, catchy and addictive songs that are infectious and memorable.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV    
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