Space Nights

Knightmare are a metal/rock band from the USA formed in 2010 who released their debut album 'Damned And Forsaken' in 2012. The bands sophomore album 'Wolves Of Retribution' was released in 2016. with their third album 'Walk Through The Fire', a 2018 release. The bands fourth album 'Space Nights' was released in 2019.    
The meandering rock and metal journey that Knightmare took us on with their last album 'Walk Through The Fire', now continues at a heavier pace with their new album 'Space Nights'. At just thirty two minutes 'Space Nights' (the album) is shorter than their previous album, but it does have one more song. Opening with the three minute atmospheric intro 'The Conqueror', Knightmare set a scene of outer space exploration, science fiction exploits and a dreamy out of this world experience. 'Heart Of Stone', the first of three six minutes plus songs, opens the album proper in a blaze of melodic hard rock. Highly energetic, 'Heart Of Stone' fairly fizzles with a catchy rhythm and a sing a long chorus. The mood emanating from the opening salvo is one of happiness and feel good...    
...that mood keeping a constant, as the album rolls on with (the second six minutes plus song) 'Khazad-Doom'. A much faster paced offering, 'Khazad-Doom' takes the album fairly and squarely into heavy metal territory. Galloping furiously on, 'Khazad-Doom' owes much of its sound to the iconic NWOBHM - and with a "foot on the monitor" feel, and sing a long ability, a clear favourite off the album. 'Flames Of The West' is a blend of the two previous songs, a galloping gourmet of rock and metal. A slightly heavier feel though, 'Flame Of The West' stands tall astride the boundary of hard rock and heavy metal.    
'Spellbound' is a one minute instrumental that leads into the fairly fast and furious 'Witchburn' - a cracking and highly melodic rock and metal mix. Knightmare have an insane ability to produce an addictive and mesmerising array of songs that sit comfortably in both the rock and metal genres. The feel good vibe oozing from 'Witchburn' is off the chart, with smiles appearing on the faces of everyone everywhere. Final song on offer is the title song 'Space Nights' - the heaviest song on the album, standing much more in the heavy metal genre, yet still has that incredible infectious and melodic edge that Knightmare inject into every song they write. The band are uniquely talented, it's just a shame that the two albums I have had the pleasure of reviewing have been short affairs. Just as I get totally lost in their musical ambience, the album ends.    
Overall, a glorious blend of hard rock and heavy metal, 'Space Nights' is thirty minutes of entertainment.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV    
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