Black Snow

Klogr are an alternative rock/metal band from Italy who have just released their second album, 'Black Snow', and will be embarking on a summer European tour as support to the mighty Prong.    
The album opens with their latest single, the hard hitting, in your face, brutal romp 'Zero Tolerance', sounding like an aggressive blend of Pantera and Fear Factory. The attitude laden 'Refuge' follows with some heavy melodies intertwined with a chugging riff, thunderous drums and a varied vocal style. A slow chugging riff introduces 'Draw Closer' and again a varied vocal style that ranges from clean and soulful to aggressive and venomous.    
'Hell Of Income' is a foot stomping blaze of guitars and intricate melodic arrangements, leaning more towards the hard rock genre. The lead singer certainly has a wide vocal range, reminiscent of Burton C Bell (Fear Factory). Attitude and aggression exist in abundance with 'Life Is Real' as it pummels the senses with its mid tempo heavy groove. Influenced by the likes of Nine Inch Nails and Tool, and displaying traits of Pantera and Fear Factory, this album is full of brutal heavy metal with a chugging groove and very powerful vocals.    
However, there are times when the band stretch themselves to produce a blend of hard rock and raw melodic heavy metal, as in 'Heart Breathing'. Is it a ballad? Close, but no. 'Fallen Crowns' is a mid tempo catchy chug with an acoustic breakdown in the middle, 'Guilty And Proud' is eerie and chilling as it stomps along while 'Plunder' mixes hard rock with melodic heavy metal and one of the cleanest vocal performances on the album.    
'Room To Doubt' is thunderously heavy with blistering guitars and powerful vocals. 'Severed Life' meanders its way through melodic moments and a huge chunky groove riff. Add to this a venomous vocal performance and you have one of the albums most brutal songs. Closing the album is the somewhat strange 'Ambergais', a complete departure from the rest of the album, it never really gets going and has its roots in the ballad arena.    
Overall, brutal, aggressive and venomous, this is an album full of heavy chugging riffs and powerful, attitude laden vocals.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Stampede Press UK    
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