At The Expense Of Humanity

Judicator are a power metal band from the USA formed in 2012 who released their debut album in the same year. The follow up album was released in 2013 with 'At The Expense Of Humanity', the bands' third album, released in 2015.    
A bombastic opening to the new album courtesy of 'God's Failures' and the power metal is flowing freely. The classic twin guitar attack complimented by keyboards and supported by a solid rhythm section and Judicator are proof that traditional power metal is alive and doing very well. Big riffs and powerful vocals bring life to 'Cannibalistic Mind' as it rocks and rolls on at a mid tempo pace and will have your feet tapping in an instant. Pace quickens to a furious thunder as 'Coping Mechanism' hurtles in. Guitars duel, heads bang and the catchy chorus will have you singing along in appreciation of a cracking piece of power metal. Bold and brash 'My Fantasy Destroyed' swings to and fro as it forages a path of hard hitting riffs and thunderous rhythms. With no care for where it goes 'My Fantasy Destroyed' does its own thing, and does it very well.    
At over ten minutes in length 'Lucid Nightmares' is a bold step for the band into the majestic and epic. A heavy, atmospheric opening, a huge guitar riff, a mid tempo stomp with a killer vocal style evoking hints of the operatic. Standing tall 'Lucid Nightmares' is anthemic and displays the progression the band have made since their last album, exploring new musical avenues. Yes, it is still power metal, but there are now more touches of the emphatic, melodic hard rock then the aggressive and speed style sound of their first album. 'The Rain In The Meadow' is a short, atmosphere building to a crescendo type of song. 'Nemesis/Fratricide' opens with a feeling of the haunting and spooky before "boom" and the song rockets off at high speed. A higher pitched vocal style, mixed with a deep gravel growl vocalist, and 'Nemesis/Fratricide' is a unique blend of power, thrash and classic heavy metal. Indeed, the backing vocals throughout the album are immense, with the female vocals throwing in some unexpected harmony. 'Autophagia' lifts the intensity levels sky high with its in your face style riffing and out and out heavy metal thunder. Guitar solos on all the songs are creative and played with passion by experienced musicians. In fact, there is so much music on offer here, that the album is over one hour in length.    
Brutal riffing and the blend of clean, harsh and female vocals make 'Life Support' an intriguing and diverse song as the listener has absolutely no idea which direction it will go next. 'Life Support' is a solid slab of hard hitting hard rock with a superb screaming guitar solo. The title song 'At The Expense Of Humanity' continues the bands' progression with the slightest hint of aggression and brutality mixed with a more heavy melodic rhythm. This album is more than just a power metal treat, it is also a concept album that takes a look at the loss of a loved one, the effects on family and the often frightening moments that can shape and define a young person for the rest of their life as a result. The album comes to a close with the philosophical 'How Long Can You Live Forever?' with its unique blend of differing vocals, guitar harmonies that are just absolute brilliance and a head banging rhythm to convince you, if any more convincing was needed, that Judicator have produced a sparkling, full on, face melting album of superb heavy metal.    
Overall, fuelled by reasons of a personal nature, this album is full of passion, pride and the sensational. Heavy power metal has never sounded so great.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Divebomb Records