To Live Is To Suffer

Jenner are an all female speed/thrash metal band from Serbia formed in 2013 by sisters Alexandra (guitars) and Marija (drums). Releasing a two song demo in 2015, Jenner deliver an aggressive and brutal blend of speed and thrash metal, similar in style to Overkill, Anthrax and Exodus. The bands debut album was released in 2017.    
Straight out of the blocks and running at full tilt, the album opens with the thundering 'Factory Of Death'. Aggressive guitars and brutal rhythms push 'Factory Of Death' along at speed with in your face style vocals that are clean and clear...surprising as normally this type of thrash would deliver a raspy, throaty and growly style. The two songs off the bands 2015 demo make an appearance, the first 'Hear The Thunder Roar' is heavier than the opening song and is a relentless chug that will have you head banging furiously. There is an element of catchiness to 'Hear The Thunder Roar', both in terms of rhythm and the sing a long ability of the chorus. Jenner have delivered an impressive opening double shot, with third song 'Demon's Call' raising the standard again and setting a blistering pace of rampantness that is just superb. The energy and intensity levels are sky high, the addictive and infectious nature of every song is top drawer stuff and with a take no prisoners attitude, Jenner's' debut album is hitting the right spot...    
Big riffing and hard hitting, 'The Heath Is Coming Again' is a raging storm of aggressiveness with a very powerful vocal performance. This is speed/thrash metal at its ferocious best, with a catchiness to every song that will have you smiling, grinning and salivating all at the same time. The guitar solo within 'The Heath Is Coming Again' is a peach of a screech and is a brilliant piece of musicianship. I believe that Jenner are not gonna be a one album wonder, they are going to be a force to be reckoned with and will stand alongside many of the bands that have influenced their musical direction, such as Anthrax, Exodus, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Overkill and Testament. The second song off their demo, 'On The Judgement Day' is a ferocious flurry of aggressiveness that will brutalise your senses, sending your adrenalin sky rocketing. The velocity at which Jenner play is blistering and with a phenomenal amount of catchiness too, they are a huge talent and one of the brightest and best new thrash metal acts to appear for some time.    
With absolutely no let up in pace or power, 'How Deep Is Your Greed' will pummel and pound the senses. A major part of 'How Deep Is Your Greed' is the aggressive chanting of the title that will send the audience wild and have them screeching "how deep is your greed" at the tops of their voices. Every song on the album has screeching and screaming guitar solos, exactly what is expected from this genre. Jenner do not disappoint and with 'Silent Killer' displaying a NWOBHM influence with regards to the buzzing guitar sound, this debut album just gets better and better. So it is with sadness that after only thirty five minutes the final song appears...but don't worry, there's always the replay button to press. 'Opened (On The Table)' brings a glorious album to a glorious end with the fastest and most aggressive song on the album. Furious and ferocious, 'Opened (On The Table) is lightning quick and will have the mosh pit thrashing like mad. All eight songs on offer are full of pace, power and an infectious, addictive nature that is just breath taking. Jenner, remember the name, as you will be hearing lots more from them.    
Overall, fast and furious, aggressive and addictive, Jenner have delivered an exceptional album of top notch, head bangingly infectious speed/thrash metal.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV