Devil's Gift

Jaded Heart are a melodic power metal band from Germany/Sweden forming in 1994. The band released their debut album in the same year, and have gone on to release thirteen more albums, including 'Diary (Best Of) in 2001 and 'Live In Cologne' in 2013. Jaded Heart have lost none of their passion and desire since their formation over twenty years ago, with their fifteenth (thirteenth studio) album, set to be released in 2018.    
Hitting the ground running, 'Devil's Gift' gets underway with 'Wasteland', a punchy melodic march, full of big riffs, and is a thundering mid tempo foot stomp. 'The Enemy' is even harder hitting and will demolish walls such is its ferocity. The catchy sing a long style chorus break is sublime, and mid tempo melodic power metal never sounded so good. Did I say mid tempo? 'Set Free' is a high tempo, energetic, rocket fuelled furious flurry of galloping rhythms and is power metal perfection as it hurtles by. Head bangingly addictive, there's not much mid tempo about 'Set Free'. The energetic urgency is in full swing as 'Scream Of Anger' flies into sight and charges on, echoing everything that is great about the European style of power metal. Jaded Heart may be a twenty year old band, but they are showing no signs of ageing, slowing down or "resting on their laurels" as they continue to deliver top drawer infectious melodic power metal.    
The mid tempo vibe makes an epic return, in the formidable shape of the anthemic 'Tears Of Our World'. One thing that Jaded Heart are masters of, is the catchy, sing a long able choruses, allowing for great audience participation in a live arena. With eleven songs on offer across fifty minutes, 'Devil's Gift' has great numbers and will be a well played addition to anyone's power metal collection. One of the heaviest songs on the album is the thundering 'Phoenix', incorporating the traditional heavy metal sound, yet keeping the catchiness at the fore front of its delivery. Half way through the album and the pace has been breathless, no ballads or slower hard rock songs to allow a breather, and no breather looks imminent either as 'One World' enters the fray and pounds on its way. Punching hard and kicking harder, 'One World' is heavy hard rock of the heaviest nature, bending the boundary of the heavy metal genre to breaking point.    
'Story Of My Life' may have the title more suited to a ballad, but believe me, 'Story Of My Life' is a million miles away from ballad territory. It is a hard hitting, thundering slice of in your face power metal, with enough force to decimate small buildings. Jaded Heart are delivering a great album, highly infectious and memorable. Foot thumping and very heavy, 'Coming Home' is epic anthemic metal, the kind of metal that American legends Manowar are most famous for. Take caution when listening, as the force that oozes from 'Coming Home' may just leave you battered and bruised. Still no breather in sight as 'Conspiracy Of Silence' picks up the energy and intensity levels, romping along with an unrelenting rhythm. The future of power metal is in safe hands with Jaded Heart passionately delivering some of the best music the power metal genre has heard. And to the final song, 'Final Moment'. Sounding like a power ballad as it gets underway, 'Final Moment' soon picks up the pace and is an electrifying, high tempo rampage of blistering guitars and galloping rhythms. 'Devil's Gift' is fifty minutes of "foot on the monitor", fist punching power metal that will please the bands existing fans, and attract many many more.    
Overall, hard hitting and punchy melodic power metal, with every song addictive and infectious, inducing smiles and love from fans all around the world.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV