On The Hunt

Iron Kingdom are a traditional heavy metal band from Canada formed in 2011, releasing their debut album 'Curse Of The Voodoo Queen' the same year. Heavily inspired by legendary giants Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Scorpions and Rush, the band released their second album 'Gates Of Eternity' in 2013, and 'Ride For Glory' two years later. In 2019, Iron Kingdom released their fourth album 'On The Hunt'.    
Over recent years their has been a resurgence of the glorious NWOBHM sound, from UK bands such as Eliminator, Monument, Neuronspoiler, Seven Sisters and Serpents Kiss. And from 4,000 miles away in Canada, heavy metallers Iron Kingdom are serving up the same glorious sound with the release of their fourth album 'On The Hunt'. The first single released off the album 'White Wolf', is also the albums opener. Exploding into life and racing on at full tilt, 'White Wolf' echoes everything great about the eighties style of heavy metal, from the NWOBHM to the traditional style.    
The album is kinda short by modern day standards, just nine songs on offer across forty minutes, but for fans of the NWOBHM and traditional heavy metal styles, 'On The Hunt' is a must listen. 'Driftin' Through Time' is pure old school heavy metal, a time travelling gallop straight out of the eighties, planting one foot on the monitor and raising fists high in the air. The pace quickens as 'Sign Of The Gods' gallops furiously on. A head banger out of the top drawer, 'Sign Of The Gods' is highly infectious and a glorious amalgamation of the speed metal, traditional metal and NWOBHM styles. 'Keep It Steel' is a new anthem for the modern day, a cracking call to arms and raise your fists high and punch the air salute. One of the quickest songs on the album, 'Keep It Steel' loses nothing of the albums overall catchiness and will have fans chanting "keep it steel" at the tops of their voices.    
'Raze And Ruin' doesn't let the pace slip away either, a foot on the monitor style gallop, bringing a mighty melodic edge to the album, echoing some of the glorious melodic offerings by the legendary British stalwarts Iron Maiden. And what a guitar sound 'Road Warriors' has to offer, the buzz sound of the NWOBHM a glorious warm and fuzzy feeling that ignites and excites every sense in the body. And just for a moment, I thought Iron Kingdom had covered an Iron Maiden classic, but no, 'Invaders' is an Iron Kingdom original, and will surely become a classic too. Addictive is too tame a term to use, as 'Invaders' is more than addictive, it's an addiction, an infection that will take over your entire soul. Glorious, just glorious. 'Paragon' echoes the early eighties NWOBHM evolution when bands such as Angel Witch, Samson and Saxon were defining the sound of British heavy metal. The album comes to a close with the much mellower 'The Dream', a ballad like offering that smoulders as it swaggers on to an end.    
Overall, a glorious gallop of foot on the monitor, traditional heavy metal that will have NWOBHM fans drooling.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Asher Media Relations    
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