Gates Of Eternity

Iron Kingdom are a traditional heavy metal band from Canada formed in 2011, releasing their debut album 'Curse Of The Voodoo Queen' the same year. Heavily inspired by legendary giants Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Scorpions and Rush, the band released their second album 'Gates Of Eternity' in 2013.    
The aforementioned bands inspiration can clearly be heard many times throughout the albums sixty minutes play time. An opening double salvo of heavy power metal launches the album in traditional foot on the monitor style. 'At The Gates', featuring a vocal performance reminiscent of Michael Kiske era Helloween, and 'Chains Of Solitude' nod their heads toward the iconic and classic sound of the NWOBHM evolution and in particular, British stalwarts Iron Maiden.    
'Demon Of Deception' strides over the border into the hard rock genre, marching along at a mid tempo pace. 'Candeloro' is a two minute instrumental that builds up to the Judas Priest like 'Guardian Angel'. Combining crushing riffs and screaming vocals to great effect, 'Guardian Angel' is a glorious gallop of the power and traditional styles of heavy metal. With the album now up and running at full tilt, 'At Home In The Dark' increases the pace and is full of gusto. with its intro a blistering screech of guitars, a classic NWOBHM vocal scream, and a relentless and thundering rhythm. Definitely one of the albums highlights.    
The hard rock genre is strolled into once more with the heavy hitting and hard kicking 'Crowned In Iron', before the albums exquisite centrepiece, the epic 'Egypt (The End Is Near)' chiming in at an incredible fifteen minutes in length. 'Egypt (The End Is Near)' is full to the brim with dramatic time changes, guitar solos and great vocals. And despite its fifteen minute play time, 'Egypt (The End Is Near' has more than enough to keep you entertained all the way from the start to the glorious end.    
Overall, an album full of great power metal, awesome vocals and loads of guitar solos.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Vlad Promotion    
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