Invictus are a power/speed metal band from Germany formed in 2017, releasing 'Burst The Curse' E.P. in 2019, and their first full length album 'Eden' in 2020.    
So Germany strikes yet again, like they always have since the early eighties, with yet another band shaking the ground with an intense barrage of heavy hitting heavy metal. Invictus announced their addition to the long line of German metal bands with their E.P. last year - and now a full album to strengthen their position as one of the country's "new breed". Eleven songs in a blistering forty minutes, 'Eden' is a fast paced rollercoaster ride of head bangingly addictive songs. But before then, 'Intro' begins the album in a mellow fashion, all serene and peaceful, before crash, bang, and fucking wallop - 'The Hammer' bursts into life in a furious gallop of all out heavy metal. Fast and furious with an intense urgency, 'The Hammer' is a blistering romp that leaves nothing to the imagination as to the intent of deliver head bangingly exciting heavy metal.    
'Inside Your Head' adopts a more melodic approach, the guitars buzzing like it's the early eighties NWOBHM evolution. Invictus may be from Germany, but the band have definitely given 'Inside Your Head' a heavy British flavour. Electrifying pace returns with speedster 'The Garden Of Eden'. A chugging, and quite frankly relentless rhythm will have heads banging, feet stomping and fists punching the air in delight. An anthemic feel takes over with the thundering 'Through The Storm'. Mid tempo, big riffing, and highly melodic, 'Through The Storm' is a head nodder. The opening four songs have seen an array of metal styles from Invictus, not too dissimilar to last years E.P. where all three songs displayed a differing heavy metal style. Great to see a band flexing their musical muscles and "mixing things up", but remaining true to the banner of heavy metal. Back to blistering pace of the speed metal genre we go with 'Thought Of An Idea' burning the ground as it scorches by. Power metal with speed and urgency, is where 'Thought Of An Idea' comes at you, and at you it comes with aggression.    
'Livin' In The Future' comes from exactly the same stand point as 'Thought Of An Idea' but with a much more infectious feel. The chorus break is catchy and one hundred percent sing a long able. A definite highlight, 'Livin' In The Future' must surely become a crowd favourite sing a long in a live arena. And what's this? Where has all the pace and power gone? 'Styx' is a ballad - on a speed metal album... Now, regular readers and followers of my reviews, will know that I don't like ballads on metal albums, rock albums yes, but metal albums no. However, Invictus have managed to inject an epic anthemic vibe into 'Styx', along with a cinematic come theatrical feel. 'Styx' is a monumental power ballad right out of the drawer, and even puts to shame many of the ballads that appear on countless rock albums. Kudos Invictus, kudos... Introducing the hustle and bustle style of heavy metal, 'Break The Chains' is NWOBHM influenced with regards to the guitar sound, the band once again paying homage to the most important evolution ever in the history of heavy metal. 'Insomnia' takes us back, and drops us firmly and squarely in speed metal territory. Urgent and with a sense of purpose 'Insomnia' is head bangingly fast. 'Empire' enters the hard rock genre, as it brings an end to the album in a very anthemic and melodic way. Invictus impressed with their E.P. last year and have further impressed with their first full length album - remember their name, I expect bigger and better things to come.    
Overall, a sparkling array of songs highlighting many facets of heavy metal, such as speed, power and the classic sound of traditional heavy metal.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Pure Steel Records    
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