Burst The Curse E.P.

Invictus are a power/speed metal band from Germany formed in 2017, with their debut release, the three song E.P. 'Burst The Curse', a 2019 release.    
Germany, the birth place of both the speed and power metal styles of music, once again produces another new band. The legacy that Germany has, began back in the seventies with Accept, moving into the eighties with bands such as Grave Digger, Rage, Running Wild and Helloween, then the nineties with the likes of Iron Savior and Primal Fear and more recently Powerwolf, Thunder And Lightning and Circle Of Silence. And let's be honest, if I were to list all of Germany's power metal bands from the last forty years, it'd probably take you forty years to read it...    
The debut release from Invictus is heavily influenced by many of the aforementioned bands, delivering three songs in three different styles of power/speed metal. The opening offering is a blistering avalanche of high velocity speed metal. 'Burst The Curse' (the song) is an adrenaline fuelled, ferocious blast of head bang able heavy metal. Galloping on at pace, 'Burst The Curse' is an exciting opening that immediately grabs your attention.    
Power balladry takes over the E.P. as the mellow 'Gaia' acoustically floats in, with an emotionally riddled vocal performance. Lighters in the air and swaying from side to side takes over from the vigorous head banging activity that accompanied the opening song. The third and final song on offer 'Someone Out There', stands firmly in power metal territory owned by giants of the genre Helloween. Foot on the monitor style metal, complete with a catchy sing a long able chorus sees 'Someone Out There' canter home in an infectious and addictive manner.    
Overall, Invictus delivers the classic sound of European power metal, heavily influenced by genre giants Helloween, Running Wild and Iron Savior.    
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"a sparkling array of songs highlighting many facets of heavy metal, such as speed, power and the classic sound of traditional heavy metal" Read Review