Thieves Of The Night

Human Fortress are an epic power metal band from Germany formed in 1997 releasing their debut album in 2001. Over the next ten years, the band released three more studio albums, while suffering numerous line-up changes. Their fifth album, 'Thieves Of The Night' was released in 2016.    
Germany has once again excelled in producing another power metal band that excites and gets your pulse racing...Human Fortress have been around for almost two decades and have lost none of their passion and desire to delight their fans. Their new album opens in bombastic style with the high octane, high energy 'Amberstow'. European power metal has never sounded so good. The twin guitars swagger and the galloping rhythm keeps 'Amberstow' moving at pace. Clean and clear vocals too. The adrenaline pumping, up tempo blast continues with 'Last Prayer To The Lord'. Heavier than the opening song, 'Last Prayer To The Lord' is infectious and is melodic heavy metal played at pace. 'Rise Or Fall' takes on a more epic feel as it rockets on. 'Rise Or Fall' is a foot stomper, a head banger and an excellent example of everything that is great about power metal.    
The head bangingly addictive title song 'Thieves Of The night' is full of pace and power with one of the most catchy choruses i've ever heard. Anthemic in its approach, 'Thieves Of The Night' is an infectious sing a long. The vocal performance is top quality too, all vocals of the clear and clean variety. With a slower, darker feel, 'Thrice Blessed' stabs at you with heavy guitars. The out and out pace has dropped, but the heaviness has dramatically gone up. A timey break to catch your breath. 'Hellrider' maintains a mid tempo pace with a superb rhythm that will keep you smiling all the way to its end. A cracking vocal display too makes 'Hellrider' a pleasure to listen to. With an increase in pace and tempo 'Just A Graze' gallops in and blazes off into the distance, quickly followed by the buzzing 'Vicious Circle'. Both these songs have everything you associate with European power metal...and believe when i say, you will be head banging to these.    
'Smite On The Anvil' is a one and a half minute eerie, atmospheric instrumental, similar in style to The Terminator (films) intro and just as scary too. 'Dungeons Of Doom' is a majestic foot stomp, mid tempo in pace and is heavy melodic metal at its finest. A slightly more venomous vocal delivery gives it a dark and moody feel too. At over six minutes in length 'Gift Of Prophecy' is by far and away the longest song on the album and is an epic, majestic romp of keyboards, guitars and a pulsating rhythm. 'Gift Of Prophecy' is one of those songs that keeps building the atmosphere, keeping your attention as it flows relentlessly to a crescendo. 'Alone' brings the album to a close in a mellow mood. 'Alone' has a sparkling keyboard intro and as the song unfolds it strides through ballad territory.    
Overall, majestic and epic melodic metal played with passion at pace, pulsating and infectious it will keep you head banging and foot stomping for a long time.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV