Metal Masses

Hell Fire are a thrash metal/NWOBHM band from the USA formed in 2010 self releasing their debut album 'Metal Masses' in 2016.    
For fans of Iron Maiden, Accept and Metallica, the NWOBHM, German style power metal and thrash metal...'Metal Masses' is an essential addition to your collection. Don't let the mellow intro 'Prelude' put you off, 'Metal Masses' is a breath taking and exhilarating album. From the moment that 'Lightning Axes' thunders in and rockets off at pace, you know this is gonna be a head bangingly exciting album. The twin guitar attack and the adrenaline pumping pace is superb and will have your necks flexing further and faster than ever before as you try and keep up with the blistering pace. The pace gets even quicker as 'Sirens Of The Hunter' hits the airwaves with full on ferociousness and is as aggressive as it is rampant. Are Hell Fire a retro band? Maybe, maybe not...but what ever they label themselves as, who really cares when the music is this good! The album cover is a picture of the classic and very much heavy metal associated Flying V style guitar and the colour theme reminds me of the 'Kill 'Em All' cover by Metallica . . .    
'Into The Light' introduces a more melodic feel to proceedings, but remains as heavy as hell. 'Into The Light' has an infectious and catchy chorus break, yet the hard hitting and punchy rhythms pound relentlessly at the senses. With no let up for a breather, the album races on in the shape of 'Night Terror', with some of the best guitar work on the album. 'Night Terror' sets an electrifying pace as it races on and on, taking no prisoners, leaving the faint of heart in its wake. 'Islands Of Hell' is a seven minute plus epic, very much in the vein of the epics that British stalwarts Iron Maiden are famous for. A slower tempo, melodic intro gives way to a high paced, galloping and rampantly furious song. The purchase price of the album is worth it just for 'Islands Of Hell'. The title song 'Metal Masses' is fast, furious and a frenzied blur of blistering guitars and galloping rhythms. 'Metal Masses' (the song) displays the thrashier side of Hell Fire and is a thunderous blast of thrash inspired heavy metal.    
Iron Maiden 'Losfer Words (Big 'Orra) and Metallica 'Orion' are both examples of cracking heavy metal instrumentals, and Hell Fire have their own in the shape of 'Excelsior'. Pace and power return in superb fashion as 'Battlecry' hits top speed, again showing the thrash metal side of Hell Fire. Just like Metallica managed with 'Master Of Puppets' in 1986, Hell Fire have blended thrash metal and the classic sound of traditional heavy metal to produce a head turning and brilliant album. The relentless pace of this album is outstanding and there is simply no let up as 'Soldiers Of Sin' scorches in and blazes a fiery trail as it races on and on. Old school heavy metal is not dead, as Hell Fire have confirmed with this album. Sadly, all good things come to an end, and so does this album, but not without one last hurrah... A second seven minute plus epic, 'Escape Purgatory' is a song that can stand shoulder to shoulder with some of the epics from iconic British band Iron Maiden. 'Escape Purgatory' builds the atmosphere during the intro and then rages on through savage riffs and galloping rhythms. If you're looking for a breath taking, fast paced album to head bang furiously to...look no further than 'Metal Masses', it's just the ticket.    
Overall, thunderous and infectious, 'Metal Masses' is a breath taking and adrenaline pumping album, packed to the rafters with blistering thrash influenced heavy metal.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV    
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