Crowned In Frost

Frozen Crown are a power metal band from Italy founded in 2017 by singer and multi instrumentalist Federico Mondelli. The band were quick to launch their career, with their debut album 'The Fallen King' released less than a year after forming. The bands sophomore album 'Crowned In Frost' was released in 2019.    
Frozen Crown are back with their second album and are faster, heavier and more attractive than ever, and I don't just mean the amazing voice of the bands lead singer, the beautiful Giada "Jade" Etro. Or the blistering guitar work of multi instrumentalist Federico Mondelli. Or indeed his harsh growled death metal style vocals. Frozen Crown have raised the bar sky high with their sophomore album, offering more aggression, more ferocity and some of the best power metal you're likely to hear all year. 'Crowned In Frost' is a definite early contender for Album Of The Year.    
'Arctic Gales' is a one and a half minute, rising atmospheric intro, that launches into the frantic opener, the blisteringly fast paced 'Neverending'. Supreme shredding and powerful vocals push 'Neverending' on at a blinding pace, a speed metal cacophony that is as infectious as it is catchy. A barn storming opening salvo that sees Frozen Crown explode into life with their second album, which explodes even further with the rampaging 'In The Dark'. Picking up speed and hurtling along at high velocity, 'In The Dark' fizzles with energy, fusing elements of thrash into the songs power metal roots. 'Battles In The Night' is classic European style power metal, nodding its head towards the heady heights of the late eighties when bands such as Helloween, rage and Running Wild were setting the standards for the power metal genre. 'Battles In The Night' is infectious, with a sing a long style chorus and a galloping foot on the monitor style rhythm. At nearly eight minutes in length 'Winterfall' is a majestic epic, melding power, thrash, symphonic and melodic death metal to great effect. Featuring the harsh, and quite frankly menacing vocal style of Federico Mondelli, 'Winterfall' takes on a completely different ambience, with Giada completing a dual vocal attack. 'Winterfall' is thunderous, thrashy and full tilt heavy metal, delivered at a speed that the Japanese bullet train would struggle to keep up with.    
In the year between this and the bands debut album, Frozen Crown have, in abundance, found heaviness and aggression that is on display from start to finish. And with no sign of it letting up, the album continues its fierce rampage with 'Unspoken', a more traditional heavy metal sounding offering than anything else on the album. Catchy and infectious, 'Unspoken' will have you hooked from the moment it begins its fiery foray. Bringing a lighter atmosphere to the fore, 'Lost In Time' is hard rocking power metal, dropping much of the aggression and drive from earlier. Soaring vocals and prominent keyboards propel 'Lost In Time' along the border of the symphonic metal genre, head bang able and fists high in the air. 'The Wolf And The Maiden' is a three minute plus instrumental, giving the listener a break from the pulsating power metal assault, a moment or two to gather breath and get set for the rocket propelled 'Forever'. Heavy hitting and rampant, 'Forever' is high velocity aggression fused with melodic metal, speeding along at break neck speed. A second instrumental, the mellow and heavily keyboard led 'Enthroned' introduces the final song on offer, the title song 'Crowned In Frost'. At nearly seven minutes in length, 'Crowned In Frost' delivers aggression, pace, and a dual vocal attack, courtesy of the addition of harsh backing vocals by Federico. 'Crowned In Frost' the album has seen the band move toward a faster, harsher and more aggressive style than their debut, posing the thought of where their next effort might head...    
Overall, a fast and furious offering from a rising band, making an emphatic mark in the power metal genre with their brand of aggressive, fast paced heavy metal.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV    
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