The Fallen King

Frozen Crown are a power metal band from Italy founded in 2017 by singer and multi instrumentalist Federico Mondelli. The band is completed by singer Giada "Jade" Etro, guitarist Thalia Bellazecca, bassist Filippo Zavattari and drummer Alberto Mezzanotte. The band have been quick to launch their career with the release of their debut album less than a year after forming. 'The Fallen King' was released in February 2018.    
A new band, a new album and a new take on the old power metal formula. Frozen Crown deliver urgent and fast paced heavy metal, with a unique twist of three different vocal styles, through the combined talents of their two singers. The first single released from the bands debut album is a blistering introduction to a hungry and passionate band. 'The Shieldmaiden' is quickly into its stride, forging ahead at a scorching pace, with an infectious and head bangingly addictive rhythm. Lead vocal duties are the role of the beautiful Giada "Jade" Etro. Her voice is amazing, reaching heights that some singers will never reach, but just as you get totally caught up in the thundering pace of 'The Shieldmaiden', a harsh vocal style kicks in, courtesy of Federico Mondelli, who delivers a style more in line with the death/black metal genres. One would think these would be out of place, but hell no, they fit perfectly, and a breath taking song, just became a breathless one.    
So, playing the bands album for the first time, the album opener 'Fail No More' launchs forth in a blistering blaze of thunder, I was hit with a third vocal style. A third singer was my first reaction...but no, these clean and clear vocals are by Federico, the same man who delivered the harsh vocals during 'The Shieldmaiden'. With the hairs on the back of arms standing tall, adrenalin levels rising through the roof, my anticipation for what was to come was excited beyond belief. 'To Infinity' features Giada on lead vocals and is a majestic stomp of melodic power metal. Heads banging and fists pumping the air, 'To Infinity' is catchy with a superb sing a long style chorus. Pace increases as Frozen Crown steps into the speed metal genre with the scorching 'Kings'. Urgent and galloping, 'Kings' is power metal how it should. A full on pace and a thunderous thumping rhythm steers the song towards the "foot on the monitor" style of heavy metal. This is sparkling stuff by a new band eagerly making their mark on the worldwide power metal scene. Federico returns to take over the vocals for 'I Am The Tyrant', a much heavier song, more mid tempo than anything that has gone before. Giada returns to add backing vocals across the chorus break, with Federico throwing in a verse of the harsh style too.    
Keyboards take centre stage as 'Chasing Lights' rolls into sight and strides tall for over two minutes before the vocals begin. And what a vocal performance...Giada sounding more soulful than ever before and proceeding to hit the heights more associated with the symphonic metal genre. 'Chasing Lights' is a breather from the out and out blistering pace of the album, and believe me you'll need all the breath you can as the album resumes its power metal rampage with the high velocity and highly energetic 'Queen Of Blades'. Giada is on top form, and with Federico supplying harsh backing vocals, 'Queen Of Blades' is a magical journey of varying styles, both vocally and musically. 'Queen Of Blades' is much heavier than anything heard so far, and is a perfect blend of power, speed and just a mild touch of thrash. The most melodic and hard rock sounding song on the album is 'Across The Sea', with a soaring vocal performance by Giada and the sing a long ability of the chorus is second to none.    
Ten songs across forty five minutes is a good numerical combination, with every song complimenting each subsequent song. The mix of vocal styles is magical, the thundering power metal style is infectious and one hundred percent addictive. It's hard to pick a favourite song off the album as all of them are so bloody brilliant. With only two songs left, the album turns even more heavy as 'Everwinter' charges ahead at an electrifying pace, with Giada taking on the lead vocal duties for the entire song. And so we head for the final song...and what a song. Featuring more twists and turns than the famous Nurburgring racing circuit in Germany, 'Netherstorm' is a beautiful blend of power metal and thrash metal, with the harsh vocal style of Federico taking front and centre. The heaviest, fastest and most furious song on the album 'Netherstorm' is fiercely delivered, with fans of thrash and power metal moshing side by side in the mosh pit. 'Netherstorm' is an amazing end to an amazing album...and let's not forget that this is also the first offering from Frozen Crown. An early contender for Album Of The Year.    
Overall, a superb and exhilarating display of power metal, featuring galloping rhythms and varied vocal styles, this album is an exciting and magical listen.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV    
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