We Are Heavy Metal

Feanor are a heavy metal band from Argentina formed in 1996 releasing four demos through their formative years, culminating with the bands debut album seeing the light of day in 2005. Their second album followed in 2010, with third album 'We Are Heavy Metal', released in 2016. This third release is the first English sung album the band have produced and features some big name guest musicians such as former Black Sabbath singer Tony Martin, Manowar founder Ross The Boss, former Manowar guitarist David Shankle and Ron Hendrix from Dutch AOR band Terra Nova.    
With a sound heavily influenced by the NWOBHM and traditional British heavy metal, the aptly titled new album explodes into life with the rocket powered 'We Are Heavy Metal'. Thunderous drums, buzzing guitars and galloping rhythms pushes 'We Are Heavy Metal' along at a frighteningly quick pace. Brakes are slammed on very hard as 'Eol The Dark' slows the tempo down to a very heavy foot stomp, not unsurprisingly, a tempo that Manowar are famed for and remember, Feanor have two former Manowar guitarists playing on this album... 'Earendil The Sailor' is a majestic epic that conjures up magical and mystical images as it struts its stuff. The atmosphere that 'Earendil The Sailor' creates is a phenomenal achievement with a blazing guitar solo to boot. Stepping up the energy and intensity, 'The Discipline Of Steel' threatens to break the sound barrier as the electrifying pace runs amok. Head bangers the world over will be banging their heads hard and punching the air in delight at this song.    
The seven minute 'Dagor Nuin Giliath' features an intro played on a harp, vocals bordering on the operatic and a doom laden rhythm so heavy buildings will be crushed. The monumental style of 'Dagor Nuin Giliath' is a masterpiece and sets it apart from the rest of the songs on the album. It also features a dramatic change of pace, a blistering guitar shred and an amazing, in your face, rampant rhythm that will have your neck reaching breaking point as you try to keep up. 'Water Gardens' is an effects laden two minute instrumental that leads into the keyboard fuelled ballad 'White And Blue'. A soulful vocal delivery backed by a choir adds a touch of suspense and thrill, that it comes a huge great surprise when, without warning, the proverbial hammer comes down and 'White And Blue' turns into one of the heaviest power ballads you will ever hear. Former Black Sabbath singer Tony Martin takes over vocal duties on 'Crying Games', lending his distinctive style to a quick paced, rampant gallop of thunderous drums and heavy, buzzing guitars. The fast songs on this album are breath taking and, if like me, you've been head banging along, I hope your neck is a flexible one...    
Much like legendary British NWOBHM evolutionaries Iron Maiden, Feanor have created a seven minute plus epic. Hard hitting and sharp edged, 'The Visitors' is a huge slab of melodic hard rock, with an acoustic breakdown, superb guitar solos and so many twists and turns as it meanders on its way, you really are surprised at what direction it's gonna take next. The amazing riff that opens 'In The Darkness' is simply breath taking and will raise the hairs on your forearms such is its awesomeness. 'In The Darkness' without question is the best song on the album...I need say no more. 'The Scribe' is a two minute effects laden atmospheric narration that sets up the final song 'The Epic Of Gilgamesh Pt. 1 (The Quest For Glory)', bringing the album to a glorious end. Heavily influenced by the speed metal genre, the final song is rampant and intense. Feanor have produced a great album and have attracted some very big names in the metal industry as guest musicians, which will only serve to bring them to the forefront of international heavy metal music.    
Overall, rampant and raging traditional heavy metal, with power ballads, a sense of the epic and magical, anthemic and masterful, this is a terrific album.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV