Judgment Day

Eternal Judgment are a thrash metal band from Canada formed in 2008, releasing their 'Time For Vengeance' demo in 2009, and the E.P. 'Fatal Virus' in 2012. The bands first full length album 'Judgment Day' was released in 2020.    
Returning to the metal scene with their first release since 2012, Canadian thrashers Eternal Judgment launch their debut album with the atmospheric and sinister sounding, three and a half minute instrumental 'Before...', before romping into life with the title song 'Judgment Day', and its blood curdling, gut wrenching opening vocal roar. Heavy guitars build the opening, with 'Judgment Day' (the song) lurching forth in a blaze of guitars and venomous vocals. Eternal Judgment are back - more heavy and more aggressive than ever! 'Sadistic Vengeance' maintains the albums mid tempo pace and aggression, pleasing fans of the Megadeth style of thrash metal. Pace does quicken as 'Sadistic Vengeance' moves forward - the aggression levels so savage someone call the cops...Eternal Judgment are dishing out a severe case of GBH!    
'S.A.S.' is a sub four minute barrage of brutality that will break bones and crush skulls. The fastest song on offer so far, 'S.A.S.' is a brute - a vicious swagger that threatens to flatten everyone and everything in its path. Move outta the way or be crushed. You have been warned. Hitting hard and showing a slight groove metal style, 'Outlaw Statement' is a big, bold and brutish thrasher. The heaviness of the album overall is very impressive, mostly mid tempo, but now and then showing signs of blistering pace. Mellow yet sinister, 'The Evidence (Losing You)' opens as though it's taking a stroll through power ballad territory - more a Testament like stroll than a Metallica one... and c'mon, don't tell me you don't know the difference!    
'Purgatory' is a second instrumental, and is a one and a half minute mellow interlude, totally different sounding to the rest of the album... Thankfully the bands thrash metal roots shine through with 'Left For Dead'. A heavy hitting, high kicking savage barrage, 'Left For Dead' is as vicious as its title suggests. 'Dead End' opens with a sublime piece of guitar work, proceeding to strike fear into the hearts of listeners with an aggressive, venom spitting vocal performance. As 'Dead End' powers on, the heaviness sends shockwaves of devastating proportions across the land, decimating anything in its way. 'After...' closes the album, but unlike its opposite, the album opener 'Before...', 'After...' is a full on thrash metal stampede. Bluff and bluster abound in huge quantities as 'After...' brings the curtain down on a very good thrash metal album.    
Overall, a bone breaking, skull crushing crescendo of mid tempo thrash metal savagery.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Vlad Promotion    
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