Cloaks Of Oblivion

Eruption are a thrash metal band from Slovenia forming in 2004, releasing their debut album in 2009. The bands second album followed in 2012 with their debut album reissued in 2013 with two additional live recordings. 'Cloaks Of Oblivion' is the bands third studio album and was released in 2017.    
"suddenly and violently", "outburst" and "explosion" are all words that can be used to describe an eruption...and can also be applied to the brand of thrash metal that Eruption deliver. The opening instrumental 'Pharos' builds the tension and atmosphere, in readiness for the thrash explosion that is 'Sanity Ascend'. Pulsating hard and thundering harder, 'Sanity Ascend' is a raucous and rampant blast. Title song 'Cloaks Of Oblivion' slides in on a mellow wave of acoustics and electric guitars before striding along at a mid tempo pace. Very heavy, 'Cloaks Of Oblivion' is one of those slow and heavy thrash metal songs.    
With a turn of pace, 'Drones' ups the tempo, and energetically romps along at break neck speed. Catchy and infectious with a cracking sing a long style chorus break, 'Drones' is an immediate and likeable thrash metal song. 'Reborn Into Demise' opens with a very much 'South Of Heaven' Slayer vibe...the buzzsaw style guitar riffage is just awesome. As the pace increases, the guitars chop with a relentless rhythm driving 'Reborn Into Demise' forward. The album takes a sudden and violent turn with 'The Yearning' setting a scorching pace across the airwaves. Hitting very hard, 'The Yearning' is a savage barrage of thrash that will most definitely get the heads banging of thrash metal fans all around the world.    
Another mellow and acoustic fuelled intro breathes life into 'This Barren Existence', with the atmosphere and tension building to a crescendo before the song... nope, no big bang or blistering pace, the song just ambles along at a slow to mid tempo pace. That is until two thirds the way through when an outburst of thrashy riffs turns the song into the more recognisable sound of thrash metal. Speed and pace return with 'Seven Archons' bustling along. Shuddering rhythms and screeching guitars flow as 'Seven Archons' powers on relentlessly. With only nine songs on offer, the album is a little short of the length of most releases these days, 'The Prophet' bringing the album to a close. With no real out and out pace, 'The Prophet' is a mid tempo heavy stomp.    
Overall, a mix of blistering and slow mid tempo paced thrash metal songs, providing the listener an interesting listen.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV    
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