Lifeless Paradise

Eruption are a thrash metal band from Slovenia, formed in 2004 releasing their debut album, 'Lifeless Paradise' in 2009 and its follow up, 'Tenses Collide' in 2012. Their debut album has now been re-mastered and re-released with two bonus live songs.    
The sound of church bells ringing is the first thing you hear on the album and you begin to wonder what you've let yourself in for. But worry not, for the guitars soon kick in with a traditional sounding thrash metal riff and 'Prayers Betrayers' races into life. Rattling along at pace, 'Prayers Betrayers' is a typical sounding thrash song with some good riffs and a solid rhythm, nodding its head towards the sound of Anthrax. Picking up the pace is 'Monumental Mind', an out and out thrash song with a blistering guitar solo. 'The Auditors' is an in your face blast of heavy chunky riffs, thunderous drums and a screaming guitar solo, with a sound that comes straight from the eighties thrash metal scene.    
'Democracy' is a mid tempo romp with a political slant to its lyrics, 'Electrified' is a slower paced heavy stomp with an awesome guitar sound while 'Playing With Matches' ups the tempo and races at top speed through riff after riff. The epic 'Twisted Reality' begins in chilling style with an eerie guitar intro before its slow stomping rhythm starts and through a number of time changes it manages with ease to swing from slow stomp to fast head bang.     
Acoustic guitars introduce 'Inner Wastelands' followed by a relentless military sounding drum and guitar riffage and as this instrumental kicks into life it is full of time changes, guitar solos and a thunderous drum and bass rhythm. 'Sands Of Time' ends the album in mid tempo fashion before the two bonus live songs 'Monumental Mind' and 'Democracy', which to be honest are a bit of a let down. Don't get me wrong they are great songs, but live recordings need to have lots of crowd noise in the background and these songs just haven't got that.    
Overall, a good, solid album of thrash metal with some great guitar work but lacks that bit of creativity that would have made it a great album.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Temple    
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