Never Regret

Desert are a dark, epic metal band from Israel, formed in 2002 and releasing their debut album in 2010. Their second album 'Never Regret' has just been released and features as special guest vocalists, Ralf Scheepers (Gamma Ray, Primal Fear) and Inky Snow.    
Heavily influenced by European power metal bands, such as legends Grave Digger, Rage and HammerFall, with a hint of the epic, made famous by the almighty Manowar, Desert have built a reputation for delivering powerful, dark and epic metal. The album opens with the thunderous 'Assassin's Fate' which is an epic masterpiece full of atmosphere and mood yet it is also foot tappingly catchy. The vocals match the mood of the song brilliantly and at times make the song sound chilling and spooky. 'Son Of A Star' slows the pace to an anthemic Manowar style epic, again with powerful vocals and some awesome guitar solos. 'Son Of A Star' definitely has the vibe of epic majesty about it. 'The Wolf's Attack' keeps the epic rolling with it's hard hitting, hard rocking, mid tempo style.    
The title song off the album 'Never Regret' has a less gruff styled vocal performance and is a definite lighter shade of hard rock. Less dark, less epic but still very much the European style power metal that Desert play. Acoustics and keyboards introduce 'The Road To You' as it builds slowly to a crescendo, including female vocals in the shape of symphonic, goth metaller Inky Snow. 'The Road To You' is full of twists, turns and blind corners as it meanders merrily on its way, leaving the listener not knowing which way it will turn next. There are many vocalists around with a distinctive voice and one of those is (former Gamma Ray and current Primal Fear) singer Ralf Scheepers. He lends his unique voice to '1812', a rampant power metal song - the style of which he has become synonymous with throughout his career. Foot stompingly infectious, '1812' is relentless, top notch heavy metal.    
'Flying Dutchman' has a superb violin passage courtesy of musician Merry Ann Genin. Mid tempo heavy metal, epic breakdowns and majestic vocals not too dissimilar to bands such as Sabaton and Iced Earth. A short theatrical opening to 'Final Journey' soon gives way to a huge pounding riff which then abruptly changes to keyboards and ballad style vocals. Trying to keep up with the turns and twists in style of 'Final Journey' is like trying to staple jelly to a wall. The song is entertaining, full of variety and crosses a number of genres keeping the metal and rock faithful well happy.    
What can be say about 'Imperial Eagle'? Regal and royal are two words that spring immediately to mind. Well, the intro anyway. As for the song itself, another Manowar sounding epic, with a low, heavy stomp that rumbles like approaching thunder. Chopping guitars and bold vocals keep the song trundling along with energy and passion. Ending the album is the classic sounding European epic power metal romp 'Invincible', all majestic and standing proud. Throughout the entire album, Desert have managed to produce some stunning atmospherically epic power metal that followers of this style will bow down to and worship.    
Overall, European sounding power metal with a huge epic edge, to produce stunning theatrical, atmospheric songs.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
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