Interview with Defiatory


(June, 2018)

Hi, I'm Iron Mathew, pleased to meet you. Tell me, how young were you when you first listened to Heavy Metal?    

I first heard bands like Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple from my older siblings as a small kid. I didn´t really like it at first, even though I liked the drumming. It has always been my focus in music. As I got older, and started listening to music more conscious  I heard some fast songs, like Battery by Metallica and I was HOOKED.. Since then I just wanted music to be faster and more energetic. I´m really into the ”punky” vibe; noise and energy. Chaotic!


Who are the bands/artists that inspired you to become musicians?


For me, as I´m the oldest in the band, it´s bands like (as I mentioned) Black sabbath, Iron Maiden, Deep Purple and off course Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax, Death, Megadeth, Morbid Angel, Napalm Death, Testament, Meshuggah, Confessor, Dark Angel, Kreator, Exodus.. I could go on for hours.. I´m also into non metal like Bob Marley, The Police, NWA. I good song is a good song..


Listening to ‘Hades Rising’, I heard a heavy Testament influence, which bands/artists, if any, has influenced the musical direction of Defiatory?


I think we all have been listening to the early Bay Area bands, but other than that we come from different places musically speaking wich blends and becomes Defiatory.


Tell me a little about your song writing style and process. Does it build up from a riff or do you come into it with a concept or lyric and build from there? 


When we started writing Hades Rising we did a contest within the band; Everyone had to wright at least three riffs/ song ideas during a week. The winner/ best riff won some beer. It turned out really good. I think we have songs for almost one more record that we never used.. Hahaha! As for lyrics, our singer Martin comes with the most contributions since he has the coolest ideas.


Is there anything you do outside of music that contributes/inspires you, to write new songs?


Anything that keeps me inspired and happy, friends, family, work out, good food, traveling, sleep and so on.. As for myself, I´m the most creative when I´m happy and content. Not typically ”artistic” I suppose?! The "suffering artist" thing doesn´t work for me.. I guess you have to find your way and what works for you..


And how do you continually come up with new ideas for the lyrical theme of songs?


As I said, it´s mainly our singer Martin who writes the lyrics and he´s an intellectual guy who´s interested in social structures/ issues along with horror / sci-fi movies, books, science and tv series..


What was the latest album/albums you purchased?


I´m not an avid record-buyer. Usually, these days, I mostly buy records from small bands, like some friends band, to support them. That said I just realized I recently bought ”Hardwired to self destruct” by Metallica. I small local band I have to support.. Hahaha!!


And, who are you listening to right now?


It´s always a mix of old and new but the new Testament been a favourite, Dead Cross, new Vader, old Slayer (always), Meshuggah, Gojira and so on.. There´s so much music and so little time. But since I work as a drum teacher, beside being a drummer, my ears are usually pretty sore at the end of the day so there´s not too much listening time for that reason too.. So I listen to a lot of pod casts, different topics, since it´s more easy on the ears than metal..


If you could play anywhere in the world, at any venue, or at any festival – where would it be?


Anywhere as long as the crowd are crazy and into the music. For me, that´s the thing that gives me energy; the crow response. We´ve been receiving a lot of mails from fans around the world since the release of Hades Rising, asking us to come and play. We´re are just starting up a new collaboration with a new booking agent, so hopefully we will be able to come and play for you, wherever you are..


So when fans attend a Defiatory gig, what will they experience?


We try to deliver our music live as it sounds on the records but adding some adrenaline, headbanging and the over all live energy. No one should leave the show disappointed..


Moving forward, what’s next for Defiatory?


”Our” video maker Erik Engbo (Standard Film Team) are working on a video for The king in yellow wich we hope will come out this summer. More than that we hope to come out and play live. And we are always doing new songs so there are already plans for an awesome album #3..


And finally, where can fans keep up to date with Defiatory news and also purchase a copy of ‘Hades Rising’?






Jon Skare, Defiatory.

Interview By Iron Mathew Collins    
Interviewed For Metal Gods TV    

Hades Rising      
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