Cryonic Temple are a power metal band from Sweden formed in 1996 releasing their first album 'Chapter 1', in 2002, followed by three more over the next six years. The band then went quiet for a few years, returning with their fifth album in 2017. Not resting on their laurels, Cryonic Temple are set to release their sixth album, 'Deliverance' in the summer of 2018.    
The instrumental opening song 'Intro: The Morning After The Longest Day' is an atmospheric, crescendo building two minute stroll, leading into the crushing power metal avalanche 'Rise Eternally Beyond'. Galloping at pace 'Rise Eternally Beyond' is infectious, catchy and a cracking opening shot. For an hour, Cryonic Temple delight and please the ears with their unique blend of power metal and hard rock. 'Through The Storm' keeps the foot down on the pedal, introducing a more melodic feel to the album. The catchiest and most sing a long able chorus of any song on offer, 'Through The Storm' is an immediate like and will surely become a live sing a long moment. Pulverising and pummelling, the heaviness oozes from 'Knights Of The Sky' as it races on at high speed. Time for some vigorous head banging as 'Knights Of The Sky' sets a blistering pace across the earth. Title song 'Deliverance' is heavy, with a guitar sound reminiscent of the NWOBHM sound. More mid tempo than anything heard so far, imagine my surprise when the chorus broke out and I was like "fuck me, that's Rob Halford singing" ... it isn't, or is it? After extensive internet searching I have not been able to find a definitive answer yet, but I will keep looking.    
Time to raise your lighters high in the air as the obligatory modern day power metal album ballad comes forth. Anthemic and smooth, 'Loneliest Man In Space' is a sway from side to side gem and is a cracking ballad to boot. Foot back on the pedal with the power metal monster 'Pain And Pleasure'. One of the heaviest offerings on the album, the pace is high, the energy level off the scale and the head banging addictiveness is second to none. Cryonic Temple are proving once again they are giants when it comes to power metal riffage, delivering infectious and catchy songs that grab your attention. Majestic and mid tempo, the melodic hard rock song 'Temple Of Cryonics' stands astride the epic and glory genres of heavy metal. The chorus is catchy and anthemic, and will surely become a live favourite as a crowd participation song. Picking up the pace once again, 'Starchild' is a raucous and rampant romp, that will induce head banging and fists in the air from metal heads all around the world. 'Starchild' is a classic sounding, large slice of traditional European power metal.    
The melodic side to Cryonic Temple takes centre stage as the most catchiest song on offer, comes powering out of the speakers...'End Of Days' has a mighty infectious hook that will reel you in and then feed you the most sing a long-able style chorus the album has to offer. Get your vocal chords warmed up and get ready to sing this one out loud. 'Swansong Of The Last Emperor' is a majestic and climactic song that will fit the bill as a curtain closer to a concert performance. It is one of those songs that will get the entire audience up on their feet, singing and clapping along, ending with the proverbial standing ovation, as Cryonic Temple leave the stage amid rapturous applause. Heavy power metal returns in thunderous style with the foot thumping 'Under Attack'. Cryonic Temple are moving towards mastery of the anthemic sing a long style chorus lines with the highly memorable "under attack, we strike back" a certainty to be chanted by fans for a very long time to come. Melodic power metal brings the album to a close in the shape of the mighty mid tempo foot stomp 'Blood And Shame'.    
Overall, catchy and infectious melodic power metal, high on intensity and energy, 'Deliverance' is a cracking album.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV    
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