Into The Glorious Battle

Cryonic Temple are a power metal band from Sweden formed in 1996 releasing their first album in 2002, followed by three more over the next six years. The band have been fairly quiet of late but are set to take the world by storm with their fifth album, the conceptual 'Into The Glorious Battle'.    
The concept for the album is a story taking place in the future, made of the most dynamic songs the band have ever composed. If you're a fan of the epic and majestic European style of power metal, then Cryonic Temple are the band for you. 'The Beginning Of A New Era' is an effects laden instrumental opening that builds the tension and atmosphere, ready for the crushing barrage that is 'Man Of A Thousand Faces'. Bombastic and rampant, 'Man Of A Thousand Faces' thunders along at pace, echoing every trait associated with the European style of power metal. 'All The Kingsmen' introduces a more melodic feel to the album as it struts its stuff. Foot thumping and head nodding is the order of the day here. With clean and clear vocals, catchy, sing a long choruses, 'Into The Glorious Battle' is an immediately infectious listen. Atmospheric and anthemic, 'Prepare For War' is a head bangingly addictive slab of hard rock with 'Heroes Of The Day' a superb, hard rocking power ballad. Get those lighters out and hold them high as 'Heroes Of The Day' rolls on with pomp and swagger.    
Pace returns to the album with the blistering 'Mighty Eagle. Rocketing like an express train, 'Mighty Eagle' places both feet in the speed metal genre as it races on with purpose. The title song off the album (albeit titled slightly differently) 'Into The Glory Battle' sets a scorching pace as it gallops on and on. Guitars duel, keyboards fizz and the rhythm is an infectious and relentless romp. Power metal has never sounded so good... Spoken word passage 'The Speech' sets a hauntingly chilling atmosphere, leading into one of the best songs off the album, 'Mean Streak'. With its buzzing guitar style reminiscent of the great NWOBHM sound, 'Mean Streak' is a thunderous romp of the near aggressive heavy metal style of 'Slave To The Grind' era Skid Row. Blistering pace and galloping fast, 'Flying Over Snowy Fields' is a rocket powered and energetic blast of top drawer speed metal. 'Flying Over Snowy Fields' is a song that will stand tall with bands such as Cellador and DragonForce for out and out speed.    
The hard rocking melodic feel returns to the album in glorious style with the thumping 'Can't Stop The Heat'. Throughout the entire album, the vocals are delivered with passion and pride, very clean and clear and all choruses are of the sing a long variety, making this an addictive and infectious album. Power ballad territory looms large again as the mellow 'The War Is Useless' wanders in and meanders on its way through lighters held high and swaying arms. The versatility of the band to swing from power/speed metal to ballads is effortless and allows the listener time to breath, ready for the next barrage of power. Buzzing guitars bring to life 'Heavy Burden', a progressive metal influenced song that thunders along at a mid tempo pace. Bringing the album to a close is the eight minute plus epic 'Freedom'. A mellow, keyboard led intro leads into a very powerful power ballad that rocks so hard it kind of isn't a power ballad...either way, it's melodic hard rock played at an easy going pace to relax and soothe you.    
Overall, thundering and majestic, 'Into The Glorious Battle' is packed to the rafters with thumping melodic hard rock and power metal gems.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV