Pandora E.P.

Celestial Ruin are a symphonic hard rock band from Canada formed in 2011 releasing their debut album in 2012. Delivering a sound that sits somewhere between Kamelot, Nightwish and Epica, Celestial Ruin have built a loyal legion of fans through constant touring. Now, in 2016 the band are set to release their new E.P. 'Pandora'.    
Powerful, energetic and electrifying is the only way i can find to describe the opening song off the new E.P. 'Murder Of Crows' zooms out of the blocks with a high energy level and a soaring vocal performance. Infectious and catchy, 'Murder Of Crows' rocks hard and punches even harder. Feet stomping and heads nodding, the energetic opening continues at pace with 'Sense Of Exile', a heavier yet still melodic hard rock tinged romp. Guitars are just awesome and the thunderous, galloping rhythm propels 'Sense Of Exile' forward at a blistering pace. If you have never heard Celestial Ruin before, you are in for a treat.    
Into the realms of epic and atmospheric 'No Quarter' glides in and builds the atmosphere, culminating in a mid tempo, doom edged stomp. The vocal delivery is spot on with the melodic edge to 'No Quarter' just right. The six minute plus 'Nevermore' is again and epic journey that meanders through acoustics, atmospherics and majestic rhythms that are just breath taking. With a wide ranging vocal performance, superb guitar work and a relentless rhythm to keep 'Nevermore' chugging along, this is the best song on the E.P.    
Bringing the E.P. to a close is 'Firestorm' with a military marching style sounding intro that gives way to a galloping, full of pace romp. With rampant rhythms to keep 'Firestorm' moving quickly and yet another powerful vocal delivery, Celestial Ruin are proving that are very much capable of developing into a great band with a great future ahead of them.    
Overall, punchy and full of energy, this is melodic/symphonic hard rock at its finest with a cracking vocal display and a catchy collection of songs.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV