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The Impaler

Wulfhook are a heavy metal band from the USA forming in 2009 releasing their first demo in 2011 and two more in 2012. Their first full length album was released in 2015.    
Power and pace opens this debut album from Wulfhook as 'The Impaler' hits hard with its twin guitar attack and galloping rhythms. Pioneers of power metal such as Accept and Helloween paved the way for thousands of bands to follow, and follow Wulfhook do, but with a modern day heaviness. Sparkling guitar solos and a raspy vocal style...say hello to the Wulfhook sound. Brutal in the title and brutal in style, 'Brutal Nightmare' heavies things up and raises the tempo as it rages on. A higher pitched vocal delivery, specifically during the chorus and the versatility of the band is shown. Fans of the heavy metal and power metal genres will love this album and in 'Through The Darkness' you have a song that spans both these genres. Hard rocking, it is also catchy and addictive with a sensational rhythm, ideal for head banging. With a nod to the awesome thrash metal genre, 'Bridge Burner' is heavy, in your face and played at a furious pace.    
Wulfhook have managed to capture the atmosphere of out and out catchy heavy metal that is so appealing. With 'Samara's Well' displaying an awesome, very heavy guitar riff and a foot stomping rhythm, the pace is down to mid tempo. Which is not a bad thing as it gives the audience time to catch breath...ready for the brutal assault of 'Eternal'. Picking up the tempo and intensity 'Eternal' has power, pace, a very traditional, heavy metal feel to it and a blistering guitar solo. A widdly guitar solo brings 'Sacrifice' to life. A mid tempo heavy stomp, with heavy guitars and strong vocals.    
'Devil's Harlot' chugs endlessly as it strolls through riff after riff, bludgeoning its way mercilessly to a conclusion. The appeal of Wulfhook is outstanding as they impress with obvious passion and desire in their music. A relatively new band, they have offered so much here, that their next album will have to be one level higher such is the height of the bar they have already set. But until then, the furiously fast, thrash metal tinged 'Tormentor' is a sparkling way to end an album. The memory of 'Tormentor' will live long in the minds of a growing fan base, who will be chomping at the bit for the "next chapter".    
Overall, traditional heavy metal displaying traits from the power metal and thrash metal genres, with amazing guitar work to produce head bangingly addictive songs.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Divebomb Records