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The Fragments Of Wonder

Wonders are a progressive power metal band from Italy formed in 2020 by brothers Giorgio and Pietro Paolo Lunesu, with the cooperation of Bob Katsionis (Warrior Path, ex Firewind, ex Serious Black). With the addition of two Temperance musicians - bass player Luca Negro and singer Marco Pastorino - Wonders released their debut album 'The Fragments Of Wonder' in 2021.    
Now the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Colossus of Rhodes, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Lighthouse of Alexandria, the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, the Statue of Zeus, and the Temple of Artemis, are the seven wonders of the ancient world - and an eighth has appeared to expand the list: 'The Fragments Of Wonder', the new album from Italian based power metal band Wonders. The album features ten songs, and is one of this year's biggest surprises. For forty five spellbinding minutes, Wonders ooze energy, oomph, and pizzazz. From song one to song ten, the band captivate, illuminate, and exhilarate. I really can't praise the band highly enough for the aural delight that has lit up the face of this old school metaller with a smile wider than the Grand Canyon.    
And it only takes two seconds for the album to make its emphatic entrance into the metal world felt - immediately turning heads with the stunning 'Good & Bad'. Quickly into its stride, 'Good & Bad' pounds and pummels the senses with immense authority, causing a euphoric roar to involuntarily erupt from my mouth. What an opening...which incredibly gets even better! The second song 'Pretender' is more mid tempo and more melodic than 'Good & Bad', but boy it don't lack any of the energy and oomph the album began with. 'Pretender' does change tempo to become much harder hitting than its opening suggested. And the vocal performance here is top notch, Pastorino showing some grit as he bellows the lyrics. Showing the bands progressive nature, 'Losing The Dream' moves the album forward with a swinging sidestep - 'Losing The Dream' picking up the pace to fire on all cylinders, destroying buildings, warehouses, farmhouses, henhouses, outhouses and doghouses!    
The pace remains high, and the energy levels even higher, as the album powers on with the incredibly melodious 'Beyond Redemption'. Wonders have created an intense intensity that just overwhelms you - an addictiveness that you just can't resist. 'The Fragments Of Wonder' is one of those irresistible albums you just can't stop listening to. This year already, I have named two albums for the title of Album Of The Year - it's looking like I might have to name three now! Moving forward with fire and brimstone, 'Freedom' is one of the albums heaviest hitters, and has a cracking chant style chorus - "freedom, freedom, freedom" - that surely everyone everywhere will be screaming, screeching and shouting as loud as they possibly can.    
'Where The Sun Doesn't Shine' is a majestic swagger of epic proportions, blending anthemic and hymn like traits to great effect - for the opening minute at least! For the thundering pace of earlier makes an emphatic return, and 'Where The Sun Doesn't Shine' races on with an incredible intensity. Only for the majestic swagger to return later - what an amazing song. And the amazing songs continue to pour outta the album, 'Indigo World' the next wondrous gem. How can an album have so many? It's a fucking wonder that's for sure! 'Indigo World' is the fastest song heard so far, yet doesn't lose any of the albums overall melodious intent. What a song, what an album - and it ain't over yet...    
...'Sacrifice' taking us into the final stretch with just as much energy and pizzazz as the album started with. A wonderful combination of pace and power sees 'Sacrifice' storm on with an amazing level of intensity - and an infectious level higher than any level ever recorded! Astonishing methinks is an understatement. Without dropping the intensity, energy, and oomph levels, Wonders remain in top gear for the heavy hitter 'Miracle Of Life'. Massively melodic and even more massively catchy, 'Miracle Of Life' is big, bold and bombastic, thundering forth with total aplomb. Everything comes to an end, and so does this album, finishing with the title song 'Fragments Of Wonder'. A mid tempo, mid paced, melodic thunderstorm, 'Fragments Of Wonder' is a wonderfully crafted, cinematic styled, big finish - totally worth a standing ovation. And definitely worth a place in your metal collection.    
Overall, a wonderful album of incredibly attractive songs, one hundred percent irresistible, full of energy and oomph, 'The Fragments Of Wonder' is simply stunning.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV