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Metal In My Head

Wizard are a power metal band from Germany formed in 1989 by drummer Soren Van Heek and singer Sven D'Anna (also the current lead singer for Argentinean heavy metal band Feanor). The band released their debut album in 1995, and in a career spanning more than three decades, Wizard have released twelve studio albums - 'Metal In My Head' is the bands twelfth.    
For over thirty years, the German juggernaut Wizard, have been pounding metal fans the world over with bombastic and anthemic heavy metal - similar in style to American metallers Manowar. Wizard have performed at some of metals biggest festivals, such as Wacken Open Air, Bang Your Head!!!, Keep It True, and Hammerfest. The bands new album features ten bangin' tunes, all guaranteed to bang your head and raise your fists high. Kicking the album into life is 'I Bring The Light Into The Dark', featuring an atmospheric storytelling opening, before roaring off at high speed. The thundering rhythm and powerful vocals that have been a feature of the band for many years, are as infectious as they have always been. What a sparkling opener - we're definitely in for a feast of metal!!! Power metal pomp comes alive with the superb 'Metal Feast', a lyrical journey surrounding touring and performing live. The chugging rhythm is one hundred infectious, and will bang heads rhythmically the entire world over. What an opening double salvo...    
The title song 'Metal In My Head' picks up the pace and scorches by in a furious flurry of raucous riffs. And for many of us devoted fans of the greatest music genre ever, 'Metal In My Head' rings oh so fucking true. And the lyric "with pride I wear my metal shirts, and bang my head until it hurts" is simply fantastic. The sound of European power metal is awesome, with Germany arguably, its home. And in the mighty shape of 'Victory', Wizard bring just a hint of the anthemic to the album. 'Victory' still has pace and power, and that driving rhythm that drives our desire to head bang hard and raise our fists high. As already mentioned, Wizard have been around for over thirty years, and mark that achievement with '30 Years Of Metal', a ground shuddering and highly anthemic march. At one point, many years ago, Wizard were labelled as "Germany's answer to Manowar". Right here, right now, I would say Wizard are an equal to Manowar, with '30 Years Of Metal' displaying the lyric "we are proud to be a part of you, real brotherhood we've found, forever we are bound". For heavy metal is a brotherhood, a brotherhood forever, where bands and fans share an incredible camaraderie.    
Blistering pace lights up the album in the shape of 'We Fight' - a fast paced gallop of all out power metal. The breathless intensity hasn't dropped for a single moment, with 'We Fight', a chest beating call to arms. Absolute wizardry from the German outfit. The hymn like style of heavy metal makes an appearance with the emotionally charged 'Whirlewolf' - dedicated to guitarist Martjo Brongers (Vortex, Steel Shock) who passed away unexpectedly in 2019. 'Whirlewolf' also features singer D'Anna's Feanor band mate Gustavo Acosta on piano. 'Years Of War' comes thundering across the land like a military invasion - relentless and unstoppable! Big riffing and bombastic, 'Years Of War' is a majestic slab of anthemic metal. All hell suddenly breaks loose with the fast paced 'Firesword'. A thundering power metal romp, 'Firesword' is head bangingly addictive and everything you could want in a power metal song. The hymn like style of metal makes a second appearance with album closer 'Destiny'. Wizard blend anthemic metal with the songs hymn like roots to create an album, or even a concert closer, that is deserving of a standing ovation.    
Overall, a fantastic album of power metal pomp from a legendary band in the worldwide history of metal.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV