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Ain't No Rest

Wicked Stone are a hard rock/metal band from the UK formed in 2015, releasing their debut album, 'Ain't No Rest' in 2017.    
The classic sound of British rock/metal resonates from every song on offer from the five piece band Wicked Stone. Hailing from the UK, the band have taken the live arena by storm, with energetic and furious performances. This energy has been transferred to the bands debut album, an album that hits very hard and kicks even harder. Opening with the title song 'Ain't No Rest', Wicked Stone are immediately into their stride, hammering out a pounding buzz style riff that pummels the airways. A superb and very powerful clean and clear vocal performance adds weight to an infectious and catchy opening salvo. Heavy riffing gives life to 'One Time', a majestic romp of foot stomping rhythms and a catchy sing a long style chorus. The classic twin guitar attack is in full swing as Wicked Stone bludgeon the airways with sharp edged and infectious rock/metal. A mild touch of the blues and Southern rock give 'Another Round' a groove fuelled punch. Not fast paced rock/metal but very heavy with an insane amount of infectiousness from the buzz style guitar sound and thundering drums. Hitting like a jackhammer, 'Hit It 'N' Quit It' invokes foot tapping and head nodding of the frenetic variety. Add an anthemic sing a long style chorus and Wicked Stone are delivering an energy filled performance.    
Throughout the album, there are mild hints at aggression and attitude, with an in your face style that all adds to the smile inducing atmosphere the band have created. 'Get In Or Get Out' recreates the feel of the nineties sleaze rock genre, popularised by bands such as Skid Row, Faster Pussycat and Ratt. The album never really steps over into the NWOBHM genre, there is just way too much melodic hard rock in there...but the sound is definitely that of a British hard rock band. An opening that befits the Southern rock genre, 'Slide Baby' is a blast of blues influenced hard rock, and sleazy attitude. Lead singer Joe Hawx has such a cracking voice, perfectly suited to this style of melodic hard rock/metal. The duel guitar style is graceful, backed with rhythms full of infectiousness and groove. Wicked Stone are a breath of fresh air and an exhilarating listen. Can the album get more sleazy? Of course it can... 'Rattleshake' is pure sleaze mixed with elements of the eighties glam rock genre. Wicked Stone have already cut their teeth around the live circuit, having toured relentlessly since their formation, including an appearance at the 2016 Ramblin' Man Fair at Maidstone, Kent in the UK.    
Increasing the heaviness and intensity, 'Sick In Love' is a slightly more darker and meaner sounding song that will pummel and pound the senses until they become numb. Even though 'Sick In Love' is much heavier than anything else heard on the album, 'Ain't No Rest' (the album) still manages to keep one step away from the heavy metal genre. Intensity levels go through the roof as 'The End' packs the hardest punch of any song on offer, along with a chainsaw style riff and a thunderous rhythm. Yet another sing a long style chorus and Wicked Stone are showing their exceptional gift of delivering hard hitting, infectious and memorable songs. The album comes to a close with the hard and heavy foot stomping anthem 'Set Me On Fire'. Could this be a prophetic statement of intent? Maybe, because just maybe, this album will set fire to the hard rock/metal genre. Keep an ear out for Wicked Stone as they forge forward with an impressive array of songs behind them.    
Overall, a punchy and energetic debut from a band whose live performances exhilarate and excite...just as this album will.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV