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Wait For The Night

Wicked Smile are a metal/rock band from Australia formed in 2019, releasing their debut album 'Wait For The Night' in 2021.    
Delivering fist pumping heavy rock, Wicked Smile performed five sold out live shows in their hometown of Melbourne earlier this year - and have managed to transform the energy and oomph of their stage performances into the recording studio. The bands debut album features ten hard rocking songs over an even harder rocking forty minutes. Wicked Smile kick their debut into life with 'A Date With The Devil' - the band quickly into their stride with a heavy thunder a blend of British metallers Judas Priest and American sleaze metal masters Skid Row. The energy level is through the roof as the band power on with the title song 'Wait For The Night', a much more traditional metal offering. The iconic "foot on the monitor" style comes to the fore, the band delivering an infectious and catchy romp of aural delight.    
The classic sound of NWOBHM guitars breath life into 'We Fall', maintaining the albums high energy level, but bringing a slight touch of menace to the surface. Only slight mind, for the chorus is a one hundred percent melodic masterpiece that is highly sing a long-able. 'Sign Of Times' slows the pace down to an anthemic stroll, entering the realms of the glory style of metal, even maybe a little doom heavy ala Black Sabbath and Dio - the majestic swagger of 'Sign Of Times' standing tall and proud. Pace makes an immediate return to the album with the hard rocking pomp of 'Daze Of Delirium'. The energy across the chorus break is phenomenal, and I can completely understand the bands reputation for their raucous and highly energetic live shows. With the bands energy level reaching new heights, Wicked Smile plough forward the chugging 'Killer At Large'. Pounding and pummelling, 'Killer At Large' is an aural pleasure that will frantically tickle the ears, producing smiles a mile wide on the faces of fans everywhere.    
With savage riffage, 'Last Goodbye' is a searing blast of red hot melodic metal - Wicked Smile effortlessly delivering a party rock feel within their heavy metal soundscape. Maybe that should read party metal feel - but that just doesn't have the same emphatic ring to it as party rock. Expecting a ballad just because of its title, 'Love's Got A Hold On You' proves me wrong - big time! 'Love's Got A Hold On You' is a heavy hitter with a huge bombastic oomph and a foot tappingly addictive rhythm. 'Don't Wait For Me' is a ballad, with mellow guitars and soulful vocals leading the way. The emotion and passion levels are high, and the reined in energy is just bursting to be let loose. But it's kept in check, so feel free to raise your lighters high and sway from side to side. The heaviest and most "heavy metal" of all songs on offer 'Stronger', ends the album in a furious flourish of rampant riffs and thunderous drums - yet retains the amazing melodious intent that has run right through the album since it began.    
Overall, an emphatic blend of metal and rock, 'Wait For The Night' is an impressive debut that will turn heads and make a worldwide audience sit up and pay attention.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV    
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