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Wicked Sensation are a melodic heavy metal band from Germany, forming in 2009, releasing five albums to date - 'Reflected' (2001), 'Exceptional' (2005), 'Crystallized' (2010), 'Adrenaline Rush' (2014), and their latest release, 2021's 'Outbreak'.    
Delivering probably their best album to date, Germany's Wicked Sensation reinforce their position as a hard hitting heavy metal band. Hailing from the country that pioneered power metal, the band have opted for a much more melodious approach to their sound. The new album features eleven songs of infectious metal and rock, all coming to life with the intro 'Mission Timewalker', resembling a movie - a thriller movie, with a very current theme. Let me explain, as I quote directly from the press release...    

"the 'Mission Timewalker' concept, inspired by the actual pandemic due to the intergalactic 'Outbreak', the Timewalker was sent back to 2019 to intervene in the history of time"

...with the Timewalker adorning the album cover... What a great concept, with a visually striking image. So with the theme of the new album set, we head straight into 'Starbreaker' - a blistering rampage of heavy hitting metal. The energy level is right off the fucking scale, as Wicked Sensation pulverise everything that stands in their way. Dropping the pace just a little bit, 'Child Of Sorrows' takes on the mantle of a hard rocking anthem. The mid tempo yet highly energetic romp stands on the border between the metal and rock genres, attracting fans of both styles. And with just the first two songs, Wicked Sensation bare their teeth and show their passion for delivering hard hitting, yet melodic, heavy metal.    
Featuring Firewind guitarist Gus. G 'Light In The Dark' is a majestic march of metal. A much more menacing rhythm gives 'Light In The Dark' a heavier vibe than what has gone before. Yet the chorus is highly infectious and one hundred percent sing a long-able. Wicked Sensation are delivering a sensation that is anything but wicked! Big, bold, and bombastic - 'Satisfy Temptation' satisfies all of the above. The energy levels are astronomically high, the infectious level is out of this world, and the memorability of 'Satisfy Temptation' - not to mention the entire album - is phenomenal. As much as I love heavy metal, I doubt I will ever know all of the bands in the world, either current or past, and Wicked Sensation was definitely a band I had never heard of before - but I'm glad I have now. And err, 'Breaking Away' has such a Van Halen vibe going on, hang on a mo' . . . nope! It's not a Van Halen cover, it's a Wicked Sensation original. But the party rock flavour oozing out of 'Breaking Away' matches the American hard rock Gods perfectly. Kudos Wicked Sensation, kudos. Back in heavy metal territory again, 'Face Reality' is a cracking example of the infectious melodic march. Everyone everywhere will be smiling to this one, singing along and raising their arms high in the air to salute a great song. And a great band too.    
The metal and rock roller coaster ride is in full swing, swinging to the rockier side once more with the pulsating 'Hide Away'. The energy and infectious levels go through the fucking roof as Wicked Sensation deliver the catchiest song heard so far. Amazing stuff from a band I've never heard before - although they've been around for thirteen years and already have four albums under their belts. With a mighty foot stomping attitude, 'Jaded Lady' hits hard and kicks even harder. The word bombastic just doesn't do 'Jaded Lady' justice - maybe exploding incendiary devices! Or cannon fire! Or even a roaring thunderstorm! And the thunderstorm has yet to retreat - 'Step Into The Light' rumbling forth. A deep, dark, and menacing feel descends upon the album, yet when 'Step Into The Light' breaks out for the chorus, it's like the thunderstorm has ended, the sun begins to shine, and the feeling of menace completely evaporates. Simply amazing. And to the final song we arrive, and err, ahem, a ballad! Opening with an acoustic guitar passage and a mellow and serene feel, 'Tomorrow' is a ballad - and regular readers will know how I feel about ballads on metal albums...! But hey, I'm gonna give Wicked Sensation a pass here. For 'Tomorrow' is an exquisite ballad, full of emotion and passion, and comes on the back of ten very good songs. And to be honest, the mellow ending is a great "warm down" from all the energy and pizzazz of the last forty five minutes.    
Overall, a bombastic and energetic journey of heavy metal and hard rock, totally infectious and one hundred percent addictive.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV    
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