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Werewolves On Wheels

Warzaw are a heavy metal band from Norway formed in 2020, releasing their debut album 'Werewolves On Wheels' in 2021.    
Featuring a riff laden sound reminiscent of the glorious eighties, the debut album from Norwegian heavy metallers Warzaw is a heart pounding, adrenaline pumping, forty minutes of unabashed heavy metal. With their feet firmly planted on the monitor, Warzaw deliver the eleven songs on offer with breathless abandon - the album opening with the title song, the blistering 'Werewolves On Wheels'. Quickly into its stride, 'Werewolves On Wheels' (the song) is infectious, traditional heavy metal as it should be - head bangingly addictive and full of pace. The intriguingly titled 'The Second Banana' is even better than the opening shot. Up tempo and highly energetic 'The Second Banana' is a full on blast of NWOBHM inspired heavy metal with the band having fun - just check out the official video!    
And after just two songs, 'Werewolves On Wheels' (the album) is shaping up to be a very good album. 'Adieu' drops the all out pace in favour of the mid tempo melodic heavy metal style. And that chorus is so addictive you'll find yourself singing along after just the first listen. Norway is famed more for black metal bands, but Warzaw are definitely traditionalists. 'Dragging Knuckles' continues the melodic vein set by the previous song, actually beefing it up by some margin. Head nodding and feet tapping will accompany 'Dragging Knuckles' from start to finish. Dropping all pace, 'Midas Touch' sets sail in the epic and glory styles of heavy metal, landing almost in ballad territory - but just like Iron Maiden's 'Wasting Love', Warzaw manage to stay half a step away from seeing lighters held high. 'Burner' relights the touch paper, and we're off and running like it's the early eighties all over again, when bands such as Saxon and the aforementioned Maiden were shaping the sound of traditional heavy metal.    
Adding a little bit of menace to the album, 'Spitfire' crashes in and storms forth, with its lyrical theme similar to Maiden's 'Aces High' and 'Tailgunner'. Warzaw are impressing highly with their debut, impressing so much they are making an early claim for Album Of The Year. Scorching pace takes over in the mighty shape of 'Deathwaves'. Mosh pits everywhere are gonna go wild for this one - the fast and furious pace just perfect for vigorous head banging. Heavy foot stomping comes to the fore with 'Swamplands'. Featuring the bold bruising mid tempo swagger of Black Sabbath, 'Swamplands' may just break a few bones. Warzaw are heavily inspired by the iconic NWOBHM sound, a sound that I grew up with, and maybe that's why I'm liking their album so much! Keeping the pace mid tempo but increasing the oomph, 'Mind Eraser' is heavily melodic and overly infectious. There is an old saying, "saving the best 'til last". Very apt here, as Warzaw bring their debut to a close with the fabulous 'Switchblade Renegade'. Fast paced and infectious "foot on the monitor" heavy metal, 'Switchblade Renegade' brings a breath taking end to a breath taking album. Highly recommended for fans of traditional heavy metal, and followers of iconic bands Maiden, Priest, and Saxon.    
Overall, a superb album of traditional heavy metal, highly infectious and head bangingly addictive - a must have for NWOBHM fans.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV    
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